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I’ve been trying to get this post done forever, but I keep having to put out fires which sucks because this is a good one. I’d gotten these when I did the Ulta haul and picked up the highlighters a few months back, and like the highlighters the items I’m reviewing today are mostly on the bomb side.

I picked up two of the new Full Coverage Concealers, one of the CC Liquid Concealers (all $9) and a the new HD Soft Focus Foundation. The concealers don’t come in a great range I’ll say that straight away, they could stand to add a few more shades to the line up and also deepen some others. I got the deepest shades in the warm concealers of the Full Coverage Concealers,Tan Warm and Deep Warm as well as the CC Concealer colour corrector in Peach.




Two of these are a fail. Tan Warm is really more of a light medium warm and the peach corrector is a pastel peach that got me out here like who the hell is gonna wear this though? Deep warm is also not all that deep more tan really, but works really well as a brightening under eye concealer. You can see the jump in shades between Tan and Deep and these are the last two shades in the range, there needs to be at least two other shades between them.



What these lack in colour they make up for in performance. I don’t generally set my under eye concealer straight away, I usually let it become tacky and then work it in. I find that it stays better, gives better coverage and I lose less product to the Beauty Blender when I do this. A concealer with a thick, almost sticky consistency works best for this and these are very thick and a little bit sticky, and I mean they are really thick. If they came in a better colour range, they’d make an excellent dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape which I also love. It doesn’t crease unless you don’t give it a couple minutes to get a bit tacky, but when you work it in, it manages to smooth out the under eye are beautifully. I don’t typically have to use a setting powder because it doesn’t dry looking powdery but somewhat radiant, which I attribute to the thicker more sticky texture, I do use a setting powder anyway because I’m anal and longevity.

I’ve been eyeing Ulta foundations for some time now, but they always have such dismal reviews that I just never bothered. The thing is, no matter how much you try to not be swayed by reviews because you know everything works differently for everyone, when something has absolute shite reviews, it’s hard not to be swayed. When I did this haul, the HD Soft Focus Foundation had only debuted about two days previously and so had no reviews, and so I picked it up in the shade Deep Warm, the second to last of the warm shades with a yellow undertone. The range comes in ten shades equally divided into Cool and Warm tones. For $14 you get an ounce of product in a simple yet surprisingly elegant slate grey plastic bottle with a pump.





I’m so happy that I got this before the reviews rolled in because it doesn’t have great reviews, 3.5 out of 5 stars, but I’m positively in love with this foundation. The colour match is pretty good, but it is yellow undertoned and even though can wear it just fine, I add maybe a half drop of my Clinique BIY drops to make it a bit more golden. It’s very light weight and offers light to medium coverage, and I think that most of the reviews had issue with the fact that it wasn’t full coverage. It’s a natural satin finish and like the concealer doesn’t really need to be powdered, in fact I think that any powder other than a luminous one ruins the finish. Swatches below with no BIY drops added.




Every time I apply this foundation, I just stand for a minute (or five) and stare at my reflection because it’s just so damn stunning, especially for a drugstore brand. And the soft focus aspect? I’ve yet to take a bad photo when I’m wearing this. Like I said it’s medium coverage so it doesn’t cover everything, but colour correction and concealer take care of that with no issues. And I also think that it can be built up to full because it builds up pretty well, but the photos below are all one layer each. I used different techniques to apply the foundation in all the photos below and the while using a damp beauty blender required using more foundation, the results were uniform between brush, damp or dry beauty blender applications. The first photo is a dry beauty blender and the BIY drops added. The second is a damp beauty blender with no BIY drops and the third is a brush application with no BIY drops. The brush application seems to give a bit fuller coverage, but that’s to be expected.

IMAG6671_1IMAG6921_1IMAG7183_1 (2)


Final Thoughts.

If you’ve been thinking of trying this foundation and just haven’t taken the plunge yet, you should if you can find a shade match. It’s beautiful and even in real life is makes the skin look better and somehow manages to blur small texture issues. The concealer was something of a disappointment in the colour range, but I’m hoping that they come out with more shades. You can’t really go wrong at least trying this since Ulta has such a generous return policy if you don’t like something. There’s also a new demi-matte foundation they debuted that has better reviews and is supposed to be full coverage, and yes I will be trying that one as well. I swear, the drugstore is giving me so much life these days!

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