New! Too Faced Natural Love Collection.



I haven’t purchased a Too Faced palette since the Chocolate Bon Bons palette that I returned the next day. The brand’s recently been so hit or miss with their palettes that I’ve just been very meh about them and whenever there’s a new Too Faced launch I’m all…ok? When I saw this beauty though with thirty shades, my heart skipped a beat. In fact, my heart skipped a couple beats at the entire Natural Love collection and although the palette was on my list, the things that I truly wanted most was one of the new shades of Melted Matte liquid lipstick, and at least two of the three highlighters.

The aim of this collection is natural beauty, everything is supposed make you look gorgeous, but naturally so. On the face of it, it’s a gorgeous collection, but once you get to it…well…

The palette with cost you $59 and boasts a staggering thirty shades, for Too Faced that’s a little bit of a big deal. One of the main issues that I see people having is the problem of repeat shades in this and other Too Faced palettes. If they own a lot of palettes from the brand already, they have an issue as there are thirteen shades taken from other Too Faced neutral palettes like the Natural At Night palette. But there are also seventeen new shades in this palette. This is not an issue for me as I no longer own any Too Faced palettes, I’ve either sold of given away all of mine and like I said, haven’t bought a new one in ages.

While you might be able to initially dismiss this one as just another neutral palette, once you’re looking at it, you’ll see that it’s not. It has a lot of pops of colours incorporated, and has matte, satin and shimmer shades. I loved the design of the palette itself, it’s very Spring, and while it’s quite thin, it wouldn’t be comfortable to travel with because it is rather large.






The layout of the palette is in coordinated rows, so if you’re a noob to pairing shades, it’s kinda already done for you no worries. Also loving that for once even though a palette is cardboard, the shade names are printed inside of the palette and not on an insert or just the back. The lid, folds all the way back so that you can hold the palette with relative ease, and there’s a full sized mirror that takes up the entire lid of the palette.






I don’t care for this palette very much, the first three columns are a miss for me. For as lovely as the colours look in the pan and swatched, they don’t go on very pigmented and even with primer they didn’t last me longer than about five hours and I do not have oily lids. In fact as it’s Spring and pollen is in the air, my lids and face in general are a bit dry. I found that they weren’t very vibrant against my skin tone, even those pops of colour. I want to say that it’s just on darker skin tones that only the darker shades will show up well, but based on reviews on both Ulta and Sephora, very fair skinned ladies have been having the same issue. They also do not blend very well and have a tendency to either blend away into nothing or become one big mess eventually, there’s no real definition to be had here. Swatches below, and for some very odd reason, I decided to swatch them in columns rather than rows.


  • Heaven (matte cream)
  • Lace Teddy (matte soft peach)
  • Pink Cheeks (barely pink w/ silver sparkle)
  • Poodle (iced pearl)
  • Spotlight (matte butter crème)



  • Fairy Tale (shimmering champagne gold)
  • Satin Sheets (golden pink)
  • Kittens (golden rose)
  • Cutie Pattootie (pink champagne shimmer)
  • Honey Butter (matte light caramel)



  • Nudie (matte fawn)
  • Push-Up (light bronze pearl)
  • Bunny Nose (pearly cotton candy pink)
  • Dear Diary (antiqued bronzed )
  • Honeymoon (soft pearly melon)



  • Tickle Me (shimmering mushroom)
  • Honey Pot (metallic gold)
  • Moonbeam (metallic white gold)
  • Coffee Date (coppery brown)
  • Hot & Bothered (shimmering copper)



  • Don’t Settle (metallic dark brown)
  • Chocolate Martini (gilded deep espresso)
  • Love Bug (silvered plum)
  • Spoiled (dark chocolate pearl)
  • Makeup & Chill (matte deep red brown)



  • Finger’s Crossed (deep gilded brown)
  • Undercover (midnight purple w/ violet sparkle)
  • Smokin’ (sparkling gunmetal taupe)
  • Night Fever (black khaki w/ gold shimmer)
  • Stiletto (pitch black)



This is my terrible attempt at creating a look, and that took me almost thirty minutes of blending and having to go over colours when they started bleeding into each other or blending away. The shades that were vibrant enough, were very brassy looking as well meaning that their colours are pretty much indistinguishable from one another and all you get is shine.

The Love Light Prismatic highlighters I got because they were pretty as all get out. I love the cut diamond pattern on the powders themselves as well as the metallised looking heart shaped containers. What I could have lived without? The lack of a clasp in favour of a magnetic closure. I mentioned this when I reviewed the blushes last year sometime I think, they’re very difficult to open without them slipping from the hands. With the highlighters, this is upped by a thousand as this new reflective coating adds another layer of slippage to the rodeo. I did get all three shades because I couldn’t decide, and based on the description;

Using an exclusive liquid-to-powder formula, Love Light takes the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas to create unparalleled colour payoff for a pearl radiance and silky smooth texture.
Benefits: Features a luminosity boosting agent and high pearl consistency that instantly brightens. Gorgeous colour payoff with a pearl radiant finish. Universal shades create a flattering glow. Incandescent glow with mesmerizing metallic shine.

it seemed as if all shades work for all skin tones.





And yes, all the shades will work for all skin tones, because they are virtually identical when applied to the skin. These have very bad reviews on both Sephora and Ulta, because they are very very subtle, and that is the fault of Too Faced. The metallic shine they promise in that blurb is nowhere to be found, and as for being prismatic…where? I personally do not have a problem with these, and in fact quite like them, since the trend is towards excess when it comes to highlighters these day. The backlash was to be expected particularly when super shine is promised but not delivered. Swatches below of Blinded By The Light a cool champagne gold, You Light Up My Life a warm bronze gold, and Ray Of Light a rose gold. I’d classify these as more luminisers than highlighters and I for one, am happy to see Too Faced do subtle as they’re not well known for it.






This is me wearing You Light Up My Life, but in all honesty once blended they look almost exactly the same, which is saying something since Blinded By The Light on swatching looks white. You definitely do not need all three and of the three, I’d say go for either You Light Up My Life or Blinded By The Light as Ray Of Light does not live up to it’s rose gold potential. Like the shadow palette they do not last very long, maybe about three hours, and it’s not particularly warm yet so it will be interesting to see how they perform once the sweating weather begins.

The saving grace for me was the one Melted Matte lipstick that I got from the new colours, of which there are six. I got the shade Granny Panties which is a neutral greyed out lavender and oh my goodness am I in love. Do I really need to talk about the formula of this since we’re already familiar with it? Nah. I will say that it’s a perfect unconventional neutral and very warm-toned brown girl friendly, which is what I was most worried about. I’m happy it worked out cause I’ve been trying to find this in a wearable formula and undertone for a minute now. This colour can be paired with literally anything and look great.



Final Thoughts.

This collection, for as highly anticipated as it was it somewhat of a let down. Not completely so, but the shadow palette at least is. The highlighters are OK and you only need one but there are better highlighters on the market, some that cost less than $30 and will perform all day. Also, never ordering from Too Faced again, I ordered on the 9th and didn’t receive my order till the 27th, yeah almost three weeks later. Shenanigans went down, I won’t get into the details but it was a bit of a nightmare however I was compensated for it.

This collection is a miss for me, I won’t be returning anything, but I guarantee that palette at least will end up in my Poshmark closet at some point for sale, maybe two of the highlighters as well. It’s by no means a terrible collection, but with better offerings out there, why spend the money on under-performing products?

You are however free to make your own decisions because not everything will work for everyone in the same way being the caveat. If you feel like finding out for yourself first hand, the collection is available on both the Sephora and Ulta websites, and will be in Ulta stores 6th April and don’t forget, the palette at least it LE. Whatever you do, don’t order directly from Too Faced, you may not see it till Christmas.

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