NEW! Kiko Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Less is Better Capsule Collection.



To celebrate their 20th birthday, Kiko recently launched the limited edition Less is Better Collection. It consists of liquid highlighters, matte liquid lipsticks, two cream blushes, shadow pencils and a nine pan shadow palette. This collection is a collaboration with the brand SuperDuper Handmade hats, and is a completely nude collection meant to emphasise the no makeup look, whilst celebrating natural beauty. This is a limited edition collection that I find rather odd as a Spring debut. Spring makeup debuts are generally either bright or whimsical creatures, whereas this collection plays with very dark, yet muted colours that are usually associated with Fall or Winter.

I picked up four items from the collection, and I almost didn’t because they all looked quite light even though I picked out the darkest of all the shades. I picked up the darker of the two highlighters in Mild Golden Sand, the eye shadow palette, one of the liquid lipsticks in Impeccable Rosewood and one of the cream blushes in Tenuous Mauve.




The shadow palette is quite tiny and not at all what I was expecting, the shades are all neutral work friendly shades and while they don’t swatch especially well, they do go on very vibrantly and you get a nice mix of satins and mattes. I also love the design on the case.





While I like it well enough, I don’t feel like it’s a necessary palette and I definitely don’t think that it’s worth the cost of $19, this should have been $12 easy based on the size. Also, they don’t last very long, I got maybe four hours of wear before they started to fade.

The blush that I got is a mid toned mauve shade that looked a lot darker on the website than in person. I wasn’t worried though until I swatched it. It come in a glass container that I consider a bit of a design flaw because the mouth is pretty narrow and makes it hard to get a brush into it, and it’s equally as difficult to get a finger in as well. It also has very little pigmentation to it and is somewhat greasy feeling. When I applied it to my face it basically disappeared, trying to build it up did give a little more colour but also wound up looking very ashy and cakey against my skin tone.




The Fluid Highlighter is a total miss. It’s one of those highlighters that don’t blend well because as soon as you apply it, it becomes tacky on the skin and then impossible to blend out with a brush. It also caused the bristles of my brush to stick together.




It also doesn’t add any real luminosity of any sort to the skin, it would be more useful as a mixer to make very matte, flat foundations more dewy, at $15 it won’t break the bank and you get one ounce so you can experiment with it if you like.

The last thing that I got was one of the liquid matte lipsticks in Impeccable Rosewood which is the darkest shade available. It comes in a pink plastic tube with a doe foot applicator and it’s pretty small, bit for only $12 I didn’t care too much.




When I swatched it I was super excited by the colour, unfortunately once it dried that beautiful brown mauve disappeared and in it’s place was left a cool toned rose shade that looked a lot like that blush swatch up thread. Colour issue aside, it’s pretty comfortable to wear and has more than decent staying power lasting all day even though eating.


Final Thoughts.

For me this collection is a complete miss, for anyone south of fair skin this is gonna be a miss. If you’re looking for vibrant colours from Kiko, I’d check out the Spring 2.0 collection that I also got but haven’t managed to dive into as yet, but you’ll be the first to hear when I do.

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