NEW!! Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Spring Collection.



Since I’ve been trying to get posts back on the site after losing most of them, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of purchasing because I’ve been distracted. But like the Too Faced collection, I had actually set an alarm for this launch way ahead of time and was checked out of the website probably five minutes after it dropped. In fact I was done minutes before I received the official launch email from Jouer. *attempts to pat self on back and fails*

The collection is mostly rose gold themed and contains an eye shadow palette, two lip products in a rose gold shade and a powder highlighter also in, yeah, rose gold.

The lip cream is probably my least favourite so far, but I sort of knew that going in.

If the palette looks familiar, it’s because the layout is exactly that of the Essential Matte & Shimmer Palette. But this one is the Springtime in Paris palette and has very different colours. It’s a twelve shade palette and the colours are very vibrantly spring, yet muted, all in a pretty pink case with a mirror and made of plastic not cardboard, thank you Jouer.






There are a good mix of matte and satin shades, nothing in here is truly high shimmer with the exception of maybe True Gold, but even that is muted. There’s also a really good selection of transition shades and brow bone highlight shades. The formula is the same as the other palette in that they’re smooth and buttery, but very soft so there is a lot of dusty kick-up but surprisingly no fallout. Swatches below.





Like I said, vibrant yet muted. So you get great pops of colour that can be worn at work or in any other formal setting. The lasting power is good as well, they didn’t shift or fade and only came off when I was ready for them to. They blend and apply really well also.

The two lip items I got are limited edition also so if you want them you should probably hop on over and get them sooner rather than later. Both are rose gold but one is a lip topper and the other is a cream liquid lipstick. I’ve been meaning forever to get one of the lip toppers, just never got around to it and now I don’t know how I feel about them. I think I may need to get one of the others to form a true opinion.



The lip cream is in the metallic formula, and so my love for it is…whatever, it looks terrible on me. I can wear it if I use a neutral brown liner heavily and blend it in. However it is the only one of all the metallic formulas that I’ve tried that actually shows up on my lips looking dry and cracked. It doesn’t feel like it though, but I’m saying dry looking with the caveat that it is Spring so I am blowing my nose a lot. Right now the skin on my face and my lips are much dryer than normal, so that could be a factor as well. That aside, the colour choice, for me is balls. I just cannot wear certain metallic shades, the closer they veer to brown or in this case bronze, the less wearable they become for me.

The lip topper is interesting, because although on the surface it looks like a brown, it’s not opaque. Listen, this thing is gorgeous over just about any matte colour. Is it rose gold? Eh…I’m not really sure, but it turns any flat looking matte shade into a thing of beauty without being too much. Remember where I said I wasn’t sure how I felt about it? Yeah, turns out that the glitter bits in it are big enough for me to feel them on the lips and be a bit uncomfortable. Once again though, I’m pretty sure that the reason for that is the whole nose blowing, dry lips being overly sensitive thing. Swatches below.



It works well to add sparkle to the lips and it looks great primarily with pinks, roses, mauves and to a lesser degree purples though that’s shade specific. It’s not great with all brands, obviously it works great with Jouer lip creams, but it also works decently with Stila, Lena Lashes and BH liquid lipsticks. With the BH lippies the thinner formulas work better.

It absolutely doesn’t work with Tarte and Too Faced, so basically the drier or thicker the liquid lipstick finish, the less the lip topper works with it. OK well, that’s not absolutely true it looks un-freaking-believeable over TF Who’s Zoomin’ Who, that navy blue shade.

What I can’t get with is that it doesn’t dry down at all. I wore it over my Stila Patina (below) for about an 30 minutes and it never dried down. It never even gets tacky, so it caused the lipstick to transfer, and I just wound up removing it because it was annoying the hell outta me. It may have dried down if I waited long enough, but nah.



Now you may be asking yourself, why the hell Cleo, would you purchase this new powder highlighter when you hated the others so much? Well one, it was rose gold, and two I was hopeful. Turns out that hope was pretty well placed cause the formula feels better and different. Where the others were really chunky, this was only slightly and it blends out a lot better than those did. Plus, it’s more subtle, you do wind up picking a lot up with your brush, but it also doesn’t sink into acne marks like the others. If I were going to compare or choose between this to the latest round of highlighters that I purchased from Too Faced, I would go with Too Faced. They’re just a better texture and finish.




I also wanted to see how this compared to Rose quartz, I wanted to see if they were at all similar because in the pan they do look to be somewhat alike although rose quartz looks much more pinky. The pictures below are first rose gold swatched and blended and then the comparison with rose quartz.




As you can see they’re nothing alike so if you were planning to stick the newest addition into your collection then no worries on duping yourself.


Final Thoughts.

I love the shadow palette and I meh on the lip topper. I think if my face wasn’t going through things right now, it would feel fine. The highlighter, I don’t hate but I won’t be reaching for it very often since I have better options in my arsenal and Becca is about to drop a Chrissy Tiegen collab in May that’s gonna be lit! The lip cream is just ok, I can wear it with some work so once this plague known as Spring is past, I’ll revisit it. All in all it’s a pretty good Spring launch from Jouer and I regret nothing.

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