New Foundations With Summer Staying Power Just Dropped & Now Your Life Is Better.



Y’all…I got about five minutes so lets do this thing. I don’t think anyone hates summer more that I do. Most people look forward to summer, I look forward to the end of it. It’s just yuck, especially if you live in the hothouse south where the season should just be called humidity, not summer. I’m a chick that loves her makeup, and also stockpiles foundation for the apocalypse. Now imagine living in Humidityville and having combo-oily skin. It ain’t cute, nope.

With that in mind, I’ve been checking out some Summer Staying Power foundations that are supposed to be for combo-oily skin types to various degrees of success. I figured I’d start at the top and work my way down price-wise. So this Givenchy Matissime Velvet foundation then. Let’s talk about packaging right quick.

It’s classic minimalist Givenchy. The bottle is a clear, heavy glass with a black plastic cap. I personally like the minimalist look and feel of it. The foundation also has what I consider a perfect pump. It’s designed in such a way that you don’t unintentionally wind up with too much product. I did anyway, but we’ll get to why that was later on.




What It’s Supposed To Do For You.

Givenchy makes a whole heap of claims about what this foundation is and what it’s gonna do for you. I’m always a bit sceptical when I read stuff like what’s below. Mostly because I’m cynical and jaded, but also because cynicism should be the rule when talking about skin care benefits in colour cosmetics, which this foundation purports to have a lot of. I’m not going to write all about  what it’s supposed to do for you because…lazy, but I’ll copy/paste the big guns Cliff Notes version happily.

  • Mattifies the complexion instantly with long-lasting hold.
  • Keeps skin balanced and allowing it to breathe.
  • Dual mattifying technology instantly imparts a matte effect:
  • Silica microspheres optimizes the absorption of excess sebum and moisture while allowing the skin to breathe.
  • A botanical trio targets oily areas without drying-out the dry and normal areas of skin.
  • Protected with a special coating, pigments extend colour hold.
  • It also refines, protects, and evens out your skin tone.
  • Enriched with black cumin oil, which is renowned for its purifying benefits and helps protect the skin and reveal its pure beauty.
  • Burnet, ginger, and cinnamon extracts help tighten the pores.
  • Small imperfections are concealed and the appearance of pores is reduced.
  • Leaves a radiant, unifying matte finish on the skin that preserves its fine texture and natural glow.

That is a whole hell of a lot of actions there buddy so I guess it makes sense that it clocks in at a cool $54. Then again Givenchy is a luxury brand so even without all of that, it was going to be over $50. Plus it also has an SPF of 20 if you need such things. I’m a firm believer in a separate sunscreen so I’m not impressed. I can’t really speak to the skin care part of it, because I’ve only used it a few times.

At the top I’m gonna say that there’s quite a bit to like about this foundation. There’s also a bit to dislike as well. Some of these are going to be subjective, but a few will be objective, objectionable bollocks.

 My Experience.

First things first, I think that it’s been well documented that I like Givenchy. I don’t think that I’ve tried and truly hated one of their products. Even that bronzer that I got over Christmas that I was determined to hate, has become my favourite bronzer as I’ve gotten darker this summer. Now, admittedly most of my experiences have been with the powders, and I have a few other items, but I’ve never tried any of the foundations, this is my first.

Now, the colour range is absolutely frikking abysmal. If you’re any darker than an NC42 don’t even bother with it. There are only eight shades in the range. Since I’m well into my summer colouring I got the last shade Mat Amber 08, described as a dark warm, because on the website it looks dark enough for me for summer. Thing is, it is and isn’t a match for me. I’ll explain but when I first opened the package I was confronted with this;




That shade is unequivocally my winter shade. I almost packed it up and drove it back to Sephora I was so annoyed. But I wanted to be a sport and at least try it. Why? Because it has a peachy undertone, it’s likely to be flexible for me year round. I was right, although I wasn’t able to use more than one layer, with the Givenchy bronzer on top of it, it’s workable. You can definitely see the mismatch around my mouth, if I had colour corrected it wouldn’t have been so ashy looking. Pictures below indoors and out.



It doesn’t look horrible, but I probably won’t wear it again for the rest of the summer. Knowing it’s not a perfect match makes me a bit uncomfortable walking around in it. I can appreciate that it’s a beautiful finish though. Let’s talk about what I could have done without and what I really liked

What Works & What Doesn’t.

Luckily the things that work with this foundation are so much more than what doesn’t. So let me start of with what doesn’t cause that list is much shorter and although subjective, it’s important to note. One thing that I won’t include in the list is what happened the first time I wore it cause I’m not sure what it means yet. The first time I wore the foundation for well over twelve hours. When I washed it off my skin was incredibly bright and had a look of clarity that wasn’t there previously. Just putting that out there.

What Doesn’t Work.

  • It’s 2017 and there are only eight shades. Like for real though?
  • If you’re darker than an NC42 in the summer, please walk away this is not for you.
  • My shade is the darkest, and it just barely works you can see from my chest that it’s too light for me right now

What Does Work.

  • The finish is beautiful. It’s a satin matte that looks radiant, yet natural.
  • Even at medium coverage, which I’m wearing above, it covers most imperfections.
  • It’s breathable and comfortable to wear, you absolutely can not feel it.
  • It did stay matte throughout the day that I wore it. Didn’t get patchy or greasy or slip.
  • you don’t necessarily need to powder it. I did because I needed the extra colouring, it didn’t affect the finish.
  • Has some serious blurring properties, my pores were invisible. It doesn’t do anything for textured skin, but that’s probably down to it being a matte finish.

It does mattify the hell out of your skin without feeling heavy or uncomfortable in the least. I was able to get a cool 12+ hours out of this the two times that I wore it, so it is definitely Summer Staying Power approved. I forgot that I was wearing anything and almost went to bed in it. It did have some oily break through on my nose at one point. But after I got home and sat in the AC for a minute it literally went away with no loss in coverage or colour, and no obvious breakdown.

I was only able to get a layer out of this so I wasted a pump and a half, half a pump added up to medium coverage. That only happened because the colour is off at the moment. I suspect in the winter months that it will be perfect. When the oil on your face breaks through, it manages not to look greasy or oily. It simply adds a sheen of radiance to the already slightly radiant finish. One thing that I loved about this foundation is that although it’s matte, it’s a radiant matte.

Final Thoughts.

This is most definitely summer approved, I can’t really sing the praises enough. It’s long lasting, mattifying yet still manages to impart a radiant glow. I’m unimpressed with the lack of a shade range however, and would hope that they create more shades. Since this is Givenchy, I’m feeling like that’s unlikely. If you have combo-oily skin, can find a shade and have almost $60 laying around waiting to be blown, maybe give this one a whirl.

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