New For Summer! Smashbox Cosmetics.

This post is over two month’s in the making, but you know, time constraints and what not. And oh yeah, because I pretty much hated all of it. So now I have these lovely pictures for you g guys. Let me just say first off that I’m really not a huge Smashbox fan, the only two things I’ve ever been impressed with is the Liquid Halo foundation and the original primer. Maybe a lipstick or two. I know a lot of people swear by them, but I dunno, their stuff just never seems to work out for me, so I’m not really sure why I keep bothering. But I’ve made up my mind that this is gonna be my last Smashbox purchase unless it’s foundation. Their stuff always looks so colourful ad intriguing though, that I end up getting suckered in.

One of the things that I was very excited about when I first saw it, was the L.A. Lights Lip and Cheek Colour. This is another multiple item that supposedly can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks. Of the five colours that it comes in, only one seemed deep enough for dark skin tones, but I wasn’t worried about that because the two colours that I wanted, Silver Lake Sunset and Hollywood and Highlight I meant to use as highlighters.



Hollywood and Highlight is a white champagne with a lot of shimmer, and Silver Lake Sunset is a peachy shimmer. They come in a twist up tube, and on the other end is a sponge tip to help with blending.



Unfortunately, the colours aren’t especially pigmented so when you try to use the sponge, the colour sort of just disappears. I also hit a snafu when trying to use as highlighters, cause even though sheer, it doesn’t give a very good highlight, even the colour meant to be a highlighter. I found the consistency to be a little thick, and tacky on both.



My first beef with this is that, well the colour doesn’t last very long. second beef, these things can not be used on lips with any sort of comfort, the look dry and are drying. They’ll accentuate every little flake that you’ve got going on.

My biggest beef though? The size, for $36, I’m gonna need you to give me more than an inch of product in a big ole tube. Seriously? It’s not even half the size of the entire tube, maybe a third.


Just no, suffice to say, this went right back.

I’d been looking at the new matte Legendary lipsticks for a while trying to figure out which shades to get, finally I settled on Femme Fatale Matte and Mauve Matte.



They’re truly matte and long lasting. But, they’re not true to the tube colour. Femme Fatale Matte looked like a deep wine/burgundy but turned out to be a more cool looking raspberry (which I already own) and Mauve Matte was entirely too cool to be a real mauve.



Yeah *sigh*. This isn’t looking good so far is it?

Smashbox launched recently two new additions to their soft lights powder collection called Fusion Soft Lights. It’s a collection of two, Pink Starburst and Baked Starburst. Each has five shades in shimmer and satin finishes of satin that are supposed to create a soft focused glow on the skin. I passed on Pink Starburst in Favour of Bronze Starburst, because duh, brown skin.



Although I really like this powder, when I used it, I didn’t get the effect of a glow on the skin in the least, truly the finish wasn’t anything really spectacular. The powder is also a bit hard and not very easy to pick up with a brush so maybe that was the issue there.




In theory, you could use all the colours separately or swirled together to get whatever look you’re going for. Like I said I didn’t the glow or soft focus look. What I did get when swirled together, was something that looked quite brassy on my skin tone.


The last thing that I got and was most disappointed by was the Crush On Blush Palette. I had been lusting after this since the moment I got the email about the imminent launch so I got it the day that it came out. To say that it was a resounding dud for me would be an understatement.



For $45 you get four blush shades, a bronzer and a highlighter, with a huge full size mirror in a magnetised cardboard palette (yeah, more cardboard)



The palette has two shimmer blush shades and two mattes. The bronzer has some slight shimmer and the highlighter is all shimmer. Knowing that there was at least one peach in the bunch, I was prepared to write off that and the bronzer.



What I wasn’t prepared for was being able to only wear one shade. The blushes, for dark skin in any case, are not that pigmented. Instead of one peach shade, there were two, one matte and one shimmer. The Rosy shade is gorgeous albeit a little cool, even so, I had a helluva time getting it to show up on my sun darkened skin. The lighter pink shade is just too light and too cool, but the highlighter is a really pretty mid-toned almost white champagne. That I can never wear.

I found the consistency to be really powdery and dry, when trying to build up the colours and I wound up with awful cake face.



As you can probably tell, they don’t translate very well onto warm dark skin. To see what they’re meant to look like, you can check out Rain’s blog.


Final Thoughts.

Meh, I didn’t love Smashbox, so I don’t hate them now. I just know better and will definitely check products out in store before I purchase online. I feel like this line is better suited to fairer cooler tones, even the shadows that I’ve purchased have been this way as well, so I’m likely go cautiously into future purchases.

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