New! Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palettes.



Bobbi Brown debuted these Cheek Glow Palettes in the early part of January I believe. I dithered around picking them up because I’ve never used a Bobbi Brown product and $50 seemed a bit steep for an unknown. 

People rave about the brand all the time, particularly about how inclusive it is to women of colour and has always been, so eventually I sucked it up and got three of the four available shades. This post came along so late because the shade that I really wanted was sold out forever, it’s the popular girl.

What they are is a duet that contains a cream highlighter and one of the brands pot rouge shades which are multi-use items that can be used on both lip and cheek. I really like the compact. It’s a very minimalist pure white with black lettering and the Bobbi Brown crest on the lid. 

Though they look very high end, I was disappointed in the lack of weight. It felt very light and plasticky, and thus sort of cheap. All that aside, although large it fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and has a full mirror in the lid. 

I purchased the shades Pearl Cream & Pink Flush, a shimmering white opal and a nectar pink blush, and Bare Cream & Desert Rose a shimmering golden beige highlighter and rosey mauve blush from the Bobbi website. 

The third shade Pink Opal & Homecoming Pink a shimmering opal pink and a bright mid-toned pink shade, I found brand new from someone on Poshmark. The last shade Bronze Sun & Milk Chocolate, I didn’t get because they looked like contouring products. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten it, I may still.

To say that these were very disappointing is understating. While the colours are very pretty in the compact, they translate completely differently when swatched. They also for the most part lack pigmentation and end up being very sheer. Swatches below with the first shade being Pearl Cream & Pink Flush.




From the looks of this in the pan It looks like a cool based light pink, which is normally not an issue for me. I can and prefer to wear cooler pinks as warm, bright ones overwhelm my complexion. Unfortunately this turned out to be a very sheer pastel-y looking pink. The highlighter was gorgeous though.



The next compact Bare & Desert Rose was probably the biggest disappointment for me because I love my mauve blushes. The same thing here as the other. It’s very sheer.




When I used this it couldn’t even be bothered to show up on my skin, I don’t think that I’ve ever met a mauve that didn’t show up on me and it swatched a chalky sort of pink which is not a mauve. A mauve is a pink with a plummy brown undertone to it. Once again though? The highlighter is epic. It’s a gorgeous rose gold with a hint of brown to it.



The last one Pink Pearl & Homecoming Pink, was the one I really wanted so I was very happy to randomly find it on Poshmark. This is also the only one that showed up on me. It’s a bright pink with a pink opalescent highlighter.




It’s also the only one that’s very pigmented and can be built up easily for deeper, stronger colour. Even so, it’s still a pretty sheer wash of colour. Below I’m wearing both items from this compact and you can’t even see it.




I don’t much care for the formula here. I find them to be pretty greasy feeling when applied. I put powder over it and it’s greasy nature still broke through. The lasting power isn’t great either, I got about four hours of wear before it disappeared completely and in between in patched up on me.


Final Thoughts.

In my opinion, these are not worth the $50 price tag. I get that you’re paying for the brand’s reputation, but nah, pass. They have two other palettes that just debuted in the new Havana Nights Collection and I was considering picking up one or both, but after this I’m not so sure. Suffice to say I sent the two that I got from Bobbi Brown right back, thankfully the one I like is the one I purchase from Poshmark and for $30 to boot, so that turned out well for me at least. I think that unless you’re rather fair, these should be a hard pass.

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