NEW! BareMinerals Invisible Glow Bronzer & Highlighter

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Bare Minerals has still got their whole Invisible Powders thingy going strong. Last year I’d reviewed two of the compacts that were released, however those posts are lost so I can’t even link to them. I’ll just say the the first one, the Invisible Light,


was such an epically disappointing dud, that not only was I unable to even swatch it, I couldn’t wear it either because it wouldn’t pick up with a brush because the top was so hard. Surprising then that when the released the Warm Light Duo compact of the same invisible type powder, I went back in for seconds.







This one was much better, it contained a rosy mauve blush as well as a powder that can be used as both a highlighter and finishing powder. It swatched well and applied perfectly and beautifully.

In the last month, the brand has debuted new Invisible Powders in the form of a bronzer and highlighter. Each has a range of four shades, Fair to Light, Medium, Tan and Dark to Deep. I picked up the Dark to Deep in both the highlighter and the bronzer. Though I did debate getting the bronzer in Tan as I usually have really bad results with the darkest shades of a bronzer as they tend to be too red for my complexion. This one while it didn’t look very red online, looked quite neutral which since it’s a bronzer isn’t too much of an issue. Unfortunately, when I received it in person it was very red based, I held out hope though that maybe it wouldn’t suck? Below there are pictures in two different lighting conditions, the first in full sunlight and the other in natural light.




Both the bronzer and the highlighter employ the same Italian baking and marbling tech that was used for the previous powders and it something that we’re used to seeing from Hourglass in all their powders. According to Bare Minerals;

Get a gorgeous bronze customized for your skin tone with bareMinerals Invisible Bronze. This luxuriously smooth, baked formula delivers multi-dimensional sheer, buildable colour that looks healthy and natural, never orange or overdone. Ultra-fine reflective pearls create a subtle glow that mimics the effect of skin after a day in the sun.
Invisible Bronze is made by Italian artisans, and no two are exactly alike. The pigment-packed formula begins as a cream, is baked on a terracotta tile for 24 hours, and hand-finished for an ultra-lightweight powder that feels creamy upon application, and delivers pure pigment and pearl, with no binders or fillers.


I can appreciate all that about customisation, multi-dimensional and whatnot, But does it work? I have a couple of issue with the bronzer, the first being that it doesn’t go on in any way like it looks in the pan, which at first glance is a good thing for me right? Cause that sucker looks red as hell. However, do you see the little shimmers in the powder (which btw don’t transfer onto the skin in any visible way)? Well, when I used this it went on more golden than anything else. Right?!?! Weird. That being said? My second issue is that it also doesn’t impart a lot of colour, from the looks of it, I expected it to be much too dark and muddy looking on me right now. But when I use it, it looks more like a finishing powder than anything else.

Even though the highlighters are calibrated for different skin tones, they’re so light that I think that anyone can wear any shade. In fact after using the one I got, I wondered if I wouldn’t be better off getting a lighter shade. But before I get into all that, this is what Bare Minerals claims about their Invisible Glow Highlighting powder;

Get a gorgeous glow customized for your skin tone with bareMinerals Invisible Glow. This luxuriously smooth, baked formula delivers sheer colour that looks naturally luminous, never overdone. Ultra-fine reflective pearls catch the light to create a natural glow that mimics how sunlight reflects on skin..
Dark to Deep: mélange of bronze + coral blend to create a glistening warm bronze ideal for dark-to-deep skin tones.
Invisible Glow is made by Italian artisans, and no two are exactly alike. The pigment-packed formula begins as a cream, is baked on a terracotta tile for 24 hours, and hand-finished for an ultra-lightweight powder that feels creamy upon application, and delivers pure pigment and pearl, with no binders or fillers.



That’s all fine and good, but here we go again with this marbling thing pissing me off.  While no two are alike, that also means that sometimes you get one with little to no colour. The darkest shade is supposed to be a melange of coral and bronze, as is always my damn luck, my powder has more bronze that coral. If I had gotten one that had more colour, I may have been more kindly disposed towards this highlighter being used as a highlighter. As it is, it’s definitely not gonna wind up on any of my favourites lists.

If you’ve been with me for a minute, you know I favour a subtle highlight for a few reasons. One, I’m just a low key kinda chick that doesn’t really like calling attention to herself and I believe less is more. Second, I already have very high cheekbones. One of the reasons that I usually only give that smirky half smile in my pictures is because my cheekbones are so high if I smile big, my very tiny eyes look as if they’re at least half-way closed. So imagine if I dumped a load of highlighter on those things? Now, while I’m all about the subtle, these are too subtle even for me. They’re so subtle that they’re truly…invisible. As for the colouring, like I said there is so little coral in it that I wind up with mostly bronze even when I specifically pick up product from the coral bits veined throughout.

They’re very fine powders as well so be prepared to kick up a lot of product if you smack a brush into it, it’s nothing like the first iteration of these powders that were dry and hard, they’re also a pretty good value if looking at it price wise, at $28 you get .24oz which is on the cheap side these days. Swatches below.



Below I’m wearing both the highlighter which you can just barely see, and the bronzer which as you can see doesn’t really bronze much, I’m still my lovely winter time yellow which sort of defeats the purpose of why I wear bronzer in the winter time anyway right?



Final Thoughts.

These are perfectly lovely…finishing powders. Unless you’re very fair I don’t believe that the bronzers will actually show up as bronzers. The highlighter is almost a highlighter I think it needs to try harder to be it’s best self. I think that if you get one of the lighter shades or a powder with more colour you may score a win though. On the plus side of things, both make fairly decent finishing powders meaning you need one, definitely not both. Do I regret buying these? Not really, I may have had they cost more but at $28 each I’m ok with it.

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