Nars Has Liquid Blush & It. Is. ON! Torrid Review & Swatches.



Ugh! Why did they have to do this to me? Because I don’t have enough damn blushes? Seriously.

I’m not like a huge Nars stan, honestly I like their blushes and I like their foundations,, and I own a ton of their lip pencils. Ok, maybe I need to re-evaluate my original statement. Anywhoo, I’ve gotten a couple of eye shadow palettes that I didn’t care for. Not in terms of quality or consistency, I just found them to be exceedingly boring. I’d gotten a sample of the All Day Luminous Foundation and loved the hell out of it, but have never pulled the trigger on it, even though I keep threatening to.

I don’t own a lot of Nars blushes, I have a couple of multiples and the Unfiltered blush palette. Ok, I guess I do own a lot of Nars blushes. But I got an email about these a few weeks ago and I wanted them immediately. There are four colours and all the shades are liquid forms of those already available in powder form.

There’s Orgasm of course, Luster, Dolce Vita and Torrid. Full disclosure, I got both Torrid and Dolce Vita, but I dropped and broke Dolce Vita as I was taking it out to get shots of it. The damn bottle is glass. I plan to replace it but I’m waiting for Ulta to get it, as of now they only have Orgasm.

The packaging is simple, a frosted glass bottle with pump and black cap made of that same rubberised material of all Nars products. It’s not the largest, for $30 you get 0.51oz, but they will last a long time because they’re very pigmented.





Texturally this is interesting. It seems to be water based because you need to shake it on every use because it separates. It’s also watery and will run down your arm if you’re not careful. I feel like the shades are divided into fair and medium-dark shades. Luster and Orgasm are perfect for those with fair-light skin tones, although I know a lot of darker skinned women that love Orgasm. Dolce Vita and Torrid fit darker skin well.

I was a little concerned with getting Torrid as I figured that it was just a darker version of Orgasm which I can not wear, it disappears on my complexion because of the gold and peach in it. But Torrid is a pinky coral shade that is scary out of the bottle because it looks neon bright, but once blended in, oh my goodness. You don’t even need a full pump for both cheeks.




How do they wear? The blend beautifully. They don’t hitch or deposit too much colour in one spot. It’s also buildable because even though that colour looks straight clownish in my swatch, it’s actually a deeply warm colour when applied to the face. I wore this for hours, I lost track of how long, it was hot as hell outside and I was distracted. There was little to no fading, although I did have one unpleasant outcome.

When you first put this on, it floats on top of the skin, but not in a bad way. I noticed however that after about six hours, it had started to sink in the acne marks on my cheeks, and made the area around them look dry. My scars are very small and unless you’re very close you won’t notice.

For someone that has prominent scars, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this longer than maybe five to six hours. Below I’m wearing Torrid with Too Faced’s Ray of Light rose gold highlighter which is a perfect compliment to this shade.

Just a note on Ray of Light, remember when I said that it wasn’t worth it? Well it is, after I got through the top layer, it’s a spectacular highlighter.



Final Thoughts.

I think these are a good purchase, and I especially like them for the summer. Although we’ve been having unseasonably cool weather for the most part out here in hell, I know that when the heat arrives they will be perfect, because they won’t move. I’d like to see them expand the range to more colours, I’d love the hell out of a liquid 413 BLKR, and highlighters definitely. On the fence? Don’t be, they’re a must have. I’ve been wearing this to death since I got it cause damn!

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