Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation.


I’ve been doing a lot of foundation samples lately. Sephora has been throwing them at me and I’ve just been out here catching them like, yep, ok thanks. Because I’m a foundation hoarder and hey, if I don’t have to buy before I try without going into a store? Yeah I’m there for that. The thing about foundation samples though, at least the deluxe ones often offered by Sephora and other places, is that usually they don’t go beyond tan. So a dusky girl like myself, is often SOL.

This summer, it seems that brown girl foundation samples have become a thing and I’m riding that wave before it disappears again. I’d gotten the Tarte stick foundation earlier in the summer, I still have to do that review. The latest one that I’ve gotten is this one. It’s been around for a minute, but apparently it’s been reformulated. A lot of people seem butt hurt over that, but I’d used a sample of it before and loved it, but that mess broke me out. I was hoping that would happen with the reformulation.

The Deets.

Just in case you want to try before buying as well, before I go any farther, the code is UHD4YOU on, I’m not sure if it’s just for Rouge and VIB though. In any case, the shade I decided to try was Y505 Cognac, even though I knew from previous experience that Y445 Amber is the shade I’m supposed to be wearing. It’s summer and I’m darker so this one works very well that’s why I went with it. Swatches below.




Like Y445 Amber, this is a deep yellow brown with golden undertones. It’s not as golden as it could be though since I still wind up looking a bit cool. The sample is big enough for multiple uses over about a month. Mostly because since I only wear medium coverage, that one pump is all I need to do my whole face, and it will cover everything.

When I had tried this foundation I think maybe two years ago, I absolutely fell in love because it was such a seamless finish. It looked like my skin but better, with a very natural looking satin matte finish. You couldn’t tell I was wearing makeup. Unfortunately because it was so packed with silicones it broke me out and I decided not to pick up a full bottle.

Pros & Cons In This New Formulation.


  • The finish is not so natural looking anymore I don’t think.
  • I suppose because it’s an HD finish, but when I take pictures I look very airbrushed.
  • I’m not sure how it looks to people in real life, but I suspect a bit the same.
  • While I’m not complaining while I’m taking pictures, in real life I don’t want to look like a dolly.



  • It seems that the silicones are either missing or lessened because I haven’t gotten any of those fine bumps.
  • I found it’s still very easy to apply and it still blends seamlessly.
  • It still offers great coverage.
  • It lasts for-freaking-ever with no break down even on my oil prone skin in this humidity.
  • I wore this for an interview today and as of right now I’m into hour nine of wear with no loss of coverage.
  • It also seems to keep oil at bay and doesn’t need powder.
  • It blurs out for the most part all imperfections and texture on the skin, with the exception of my nose because that sucker just needs help in the summer time.

Final Thoughts.

Would I repurchase this? Even though it sounds like I wouldn’t I definitely intend to in Amber, the match is too perfect for me not to invest in it. Even though I don’t care for the dollish finish, I think that I can work with it to minimise that as much as possible by adding more dimension with a sculpting blush. I’m also glad that it’s been reformulated so those with sensitive skin like myself can wear it without an issue. It’s a really good foundation, especially for brown girls in the summer, and this sucker comes in 39 shades so you’ll be able to find something.

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