Lottie London Is @Ulta. Olive Girls Need To Give It A Whirl.



I swear though, I just troll through beauty sites trying to buy stuff. I mean, I have to be trying cause I don’t in fact need a damn thing. You may never have heard of Lottie London, don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s a drugstore brand, and from what I can tell it’s British. Don’t quote me though, because I’m still a little confused as to their origins. In any case, Lottie London is pretty inexpensive. The most dear thing in the line are the shadow palettes and those clock in at twelve bucks.

Since I’ve been trying foundations that claim to be have Summer Staying Power, I decided to give this Selfie Ready liquid foundation a go. There are two foundations in the Lottie London line so far as I can tell, and they’re quite specific. There’s a matte stick foundation that’s supposed to be full coverage. Then there is the matte liquid that I picked up that’s medium coverage. I also picked up the Tan Time Bronzer in Medium-Deep and the Ready Set Go warm translucent finishing powder.

As of right now I’m experiencing some sort of love hate relationship with all these products, lemme tell you about it.

Tan Time Bronzer – $6.99.

The bronzer comes in two shades, Light-Medium and Medium Dark. Clearly I picked up the second shade. In the terrible pictures on the Ulta site, it looks to lean a bit red, but I figured summer so I can work with it most likely. It comes in an unassuming plastic case, with cute star graphics on the front and on the bronzer itself.  When I got it and swatched it, turns out it’s very neutral. I don’t normally recommend bronzers for contouring cause most are too warm, but this is one that will make a very good contour.




What Works & What Doesn’t.

There’s very little about this bronzer that doesn’t work. Here are the brands claims;

  • Gives skin a healthy, sun kissed glow all year round.
  • It can also be used to contour for added definition and chiselled cheekbones.
  • Available in shades to suit all skin types.

It’s a matte bronzer and I am always here for that. The neutral aspect of it didn’t suck on me too much. The finish is sort of spectacular. It covers really well and I can see it doing double duty as a finishing powder. It does give a very healthy looking glow, but the best part for me has to be that it is in fact dark enough to add colour to my already darkened skin. It’s also really long lasting. The only thing that worries me is I think that I won’t be able to wear it well in the winter because it is very neutral.


Ready Set Go Warm Translucent Powder – $7.49.

There are two shades of this powder, a regular translucent and a warm translucent. I get where they were trying to go with the warm shade, but it doesn’t really come off as warm. I still had a little white cast, but I’m gonna chalk it up to being quite dark right now. It has the same texture and consistency of the UD Velvetizer.



What Works & What Doesn’t.
  • Very very finely milled
  • Has a yellow beige undertone
  • Blends in extremely well
  • Makes an excellent under eye setting powder
  • Lasts all day
  • Still has a bit of a white cast despite being warm.

Below are swatches of the bronzer and the translucent powder that’s been heavily swatched.



Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation – $7.99.

So this is probably the nicest drugstore surprise that I’ve had in a little bit. I don’t know what if anything I was expecting from this foundation, but I really like it. First off, I really like the bottle it comes in. It’s a black plastic bottle with a squeeze spout. It’s one of those no mess spouts though. You know one of those that suck product back into the bottle rather than letting it ooze out the spout and all over the bottle and your hands.




The range has ten shades, five of which could be designated women of colour shades. On a whim I picked up the second to last shade Rich Toffee because, and for once Ulta came through. It’s a beautiful golden brown. My only issue with it, is that it leans olive which would make it a beautiful golden olive. In the swatches I don’t think it’s too apparent, but once I put it on I could definitely tell. Olive tones make me look darker and a little sickly, but the gold in this foundation balanced it out somewhat.

Now from what I can gather, this tones in this line all fall along the olive spectrum in some form. For darker skinned ladies with olive undertones, this is a prayer answered. Olive undertones are almost as much unicorns as peachy undertones for dark skin. Fortunately for peachy dark skin, foundations can usually be found in luxury lines, but I’m not sure that olive undertones can say the same thing.

What Works & What Doesn’t.

So this is supposed to me matte and while it is, it’s not an uncomfortable one. It also has a mostly satin matte finish. The even though this is touted as medium coverage, I found it enough to cover most of my imperfections with very little concealer added after the fact.

  • Satin matte finish
  • Doesn’t slip, slide or shift all day
  • No transfer!
  • Can be used with or without finishing powder
  • Very comfortable wear, feels like nothing
  • About eight hours of wear in 96 degree weather
  • More cream than liquid in texture
  • Colour is a little off for me.

Outside of the colour match, I love everything about this foundation. The colour is easily fixed, had I added a drop or two of the Clinique BIY drops I wouldn’t have had much issue with it since it already has some gold in the tone, I’d have been able to bring it out some more. Below I’m wearing it with the bronzer on top in second picture. The first it just the foundation on it’s own cause I wanted you to see just what it looks like.


Final Thoughts.

This is definitely a great line from price point to quality and coverage. I highly recommend the foundations to brow ladies with olive undertones, seriously this one is for you guys.

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