Holiday 2017: The LE Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Bangs Just as Hard as Last Year.


Last year I absolutely fell in love with the Dior Matte cheek fluids once I saw them on the Sephora site. They were even more gorgeous in person when I went on one of my rare jaunts into an actual store to see them in real life, you can read my review and see swatches of the shades from my review last year here. Last year I only wound up picking up two of the four limited edition shades and this year was no different.

Unlike last year however I wanted to pick up more than two shades because all of them this year screamed at me to take them home. This year Dior seems to be keeping the exclusivity to their own website, at least for a while it seems so I got these as soon as I got the email that they were available, and lemme tell you all things Dior will now be purchased from them because damn the packaging is so beautiful.

First everything came is a lovely grey box and all my paperwork was in a darker grey Dior envelope. The products inside were nestled in tissue paper in a white cardboard box with Dior embossed on the front, the two items that I got were in a grey dustbag and the samples that they send are just wow. I received samples of both the Dior Lacquer Sticks in four shades and with a mini brush, as well as four shades of the new Rouge Dior Liquid Lips also with their own mini brush, and a sample of Capture Totale Dreamskin, which let’s be real, is just a super expensive primer that looks great under makeup but uh…nah.

I will say about the samples that I received though, it was a pretty inclusive mix of shades for both items. In each there where two fairly light and dark shades, both cool and warm so I wasn’t disappointed to have all these awesome samples that I couldn’t use. Well done Dior. The Matte Fluids are relatively inexpensive as well considering they’re from a luxury brand and will liberate your wallet to the tune of $38 each.






But onto the items that I got, the two shades that I wound up getting where Intensity a deep, dark purple burgundy and charm a mid-toned mauve pink shade.





Charm is my go to blush or lip shades, and has been for years I remember by best friend asking me when I was something like nineteen why I preferred mauve shades to brighter shades that most of our friends wore. It just looks good on me, even she admitted that. Charm is a beautiful mauve that should work well with anyone with a deep tan complexion like mine or lighter, if you’re darker this is just going to disappear on the complexion.

But since these are also made to be worn on the lips it’s possible that anyone can use them as lip products, if you have heavily pigmented lips though they may wind up looking too light a perhaps a bit chalky, so a lip liner should be used. It lasts much longer on the cheeks, something like seven to eight hours I believe it was. On the lips, they didn’t last that long mostly due to eating and drinking, but I got maybe four hours out of Charm before it disappeared.

Below I’m wearing one of the Rouge Liquid Lips in Jungle which is supposed to be a light brown shade but is really a light peachy brown that one me looks like a mauvey pink for some reason. I actually like the Rouge Lips, they’re very comfortable and don’t dry down all the way to a super matte finish, but they do last for some time especially the darker shades.



Intensity is…intense. Truly I don’t see how this will work for someone who isn’t very dark because even for me it was a lot. For me it makes a better lip product than cheek product, I also have this problem with Marvel the red shade from last year, but Marvel in comparison with Intensity is much easier for me to use. When I use these the way that I apply is to put three dots just above the hollows of my cheeks and blend upwards, because my cheekbones are so high, applying blush just below them is the best way to keep it from looking too intense.

Well, with Intensity I only used one dot (after initially using three and having to start over) and still had a hell of a time blending it out. That also has something to do with the texture as well, I found the texture to be drier and a bit more stiff than last year’s so both take a fair bit of blending, but intensity is pretty scary and in the picture below I’ve only used one dot and blended like a crazy person. I’m also wearing the Rouge Liquid Lip in Metallic Poison and I’m in love with this shade.



Final Thoughts.

Despite having to work so hard for Intensity, I’m just as thrilled with this year’s editions as I was with last year and I plan to pick up one of the other two shades Desire which is a pinky coral. These as of now aren’t available at Sephora but can be bought through the Dior website, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom that I know of.

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