This Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation is A Hot Mess.




In keeping with searching for foundations with Summer Staying Power, I’d meant to purchase the new Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation as soon as it dropped. I was super stoked though, that about two weeks before it dropped I received it from Influenster. As many years as I’ve been an Influenster member this is my first time getting a good makeup box. But PR for this box was a nightmare for darker skinned ladies. Everyone got too light shades, and it had everything to do with the matching photos.

Flawless Fusion comes in twenty shades. One of the reasons that I like Laura Mercier is because they cater to all skin tones and generally have foundations that match the lightest to the darkest woman out there. This range is pretty disappointing though. there are seventeen shades of beige, light beige, medium beige and three dark shades. The shade that I normally wear Amber, is completely missing. The jump in colour goes from Chai, the colour I received, to Nutmeg which is at least four shades darker.

Let’s talk about the foundation for a minute though. It comes in the same packaging as the Candleglow, except it has a zebra print cap. You get a full ounce for $48.




Claims and Colour Selection.

According to the brand it’s supposed to do and be some pretty awesome things;

  • Skin Fusion Technology to seal it into place for 15 hours of high performance, comfortable wear that’s transfer proof, sweat, humidity and water-resistant.
  • Coated pigments glide on to create buildable, medium-to-full colour that beautifully evens out your skin tone with colour that stays true and wears evenly.
  • A matte finish that’s never dull, flat or cakey
  • Minimizes imperfections while silky fine powders help control oil immediately and throughout the day.
  • Weightless texture looks, fits and feels like a second skin.
  • It’s ideal for all skin types, especially normal to oily.
  • Available in a wide array of shades (yes, if you are pale).

Because Amber is no longer an option, I wanted to go to Sephora to get sample of Nutmeg to see if maybe it would be a better match even though I know from experience that it’s too dark for me, as I did have to get another Candleglow in Amber for winter. Nutmeg is supposed to be a cool toned shade, but I’ve in fact found it to be rather warm and I wanted to see if this transferred across lines. But it seems like this is not going to available in stores at all based on what I’ve heard from store associates.

So Chai, way too damn light. However I do have mixers and use them regularly because brown skinned. But I did want to test the claims of the foundation on it’s own merit. Sometimes when you use mixers they can affect the foundation. The mixers I have don’t as a rule do that, I couldn’t  grading Flawless Fusion’s attributes when I’d added things to the formulation, particularly darkeners as then tend to be neutral. Swatches of what it looked like originally and what it looked like after I got to it with adjusters.




As you can see I couldn’t get it all that much darker, and to be honest my left hand is the darkest place on body so that was never gonna look good. The original undertone of Chai is very very yellow. I needed to make it more peachy which I was able to do by adding NYX heat to it. Then I darkened with Illamasqua Skin Base Mixer in Chestnut. I then had to compensate for the neutral undertone of Chestnut by adding Clinique BIY drops. I felt like a damn chemist by the end of it all.

Testing, Finish and Performance.

As I said I conducted two tests. The first time I wore the foundation as it is, there are no pictures cause are you crazy? I put it on and wore it around the yard for about four hours. Went inside to AC for another couple and was in and out the yard for the rest of the day. How my day usually runs, I write in the mornings from about 9am till 12pm. It’s usually done outside at a coffee shop patio. I then come home for a few hours, continue to write for the rest of the day inside and outside of AC. So the test was representative.

The second time I wore it was when I used the adjusters. I went about my day as usual hella uncomfortable because as you’ll see below the match was quite bad. I look like my face is covered in some sort of…what though?  What was my takeaway from both experiments?


  • The Foundation performed literally the same way in both tests.
  • I got around five hours of wear before it broke down on my skin completely and disappeared.
  • My oils started breaking through around hour two, combined with the finish it’s not a cute look.
  • You absolutely, positively can not correct this foundation with powder. You’ll look crazy, please don’t try.
  • The finish is heavily powdery and cakey. You can tell that you’re wearing foundation and it looks unnatural.
  • Does not blend well or easily. Work fast or you’ll be left with visible blotches. 
  • you will feel this on your face every single moment that you wear it.
  • It covers pretty much everything. Dassit.

Is It Worth The Money?

No. Nope. Nopeity nope. I actually returned my Givenchy because I was getting this in the mail and I just knew that it was gonna blow me away cause it’s Laura Mercier. It’s definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the Givenchy trounced this in so many ways;

  • It’s more easily adjusted.
  • The colour selection (for me anyway) is better.
  • I’ll be able to wear the Givenchy in winter with no problem.
  • the undertones are better (for me).
  • I’m going back to Sephora to get my Matissime.

If you’re a brown girl contemplating this foundation, um…skip it. It’s extremely dry and drying. The colours don’t work across lines because of the formulation they’re much lighter than normal. I’ve been able to use Chai in the winter in the Candleglow formulation with very little adjustment. If you can find your shade in the Givenchy add six bucks and just get that sucker. This Flawless Fusion is a hot ass mess, ain’t nothing flawless about it, and it is most definitely not Summer Staying Power approved.


This product was provided free for review purposes. As usual all my smart ass thoughts are my own.

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