Lancôme La Rose Spring Makeup Collection.



Lancôme’s spring launch is very…pink. Not really hard to imagine considering it’s themed la rose. I’m very familiar with Lancôme skin care products, but as far as complexion products, I’ve only ever used one foundation (that I loved) and a bronzer (that was eh), so I can honestly say that I was sure what to expect. All I knew was that the products looked stunning, and the gift with purchase was crazy. Like for real, look at this…



I only purchased two of those items, the boxed ones. The rest was what you got if you spent at least $60. If you spent $95, there were even more goodies to be had. I received a three part skin care set of the Absolue line, which I wanted to try but hmmm…almost everything in that line is $150 and better. There was also a Visionnaire set, but since I’m already familiar with that line, I wanted to try something new. I got an eye cream that, let’s be honest, I’m never gonna use cause I don’t use eye creams. The cream wash which is so damn divine, I’m in love and I went back to the site to purchase it, only to find that it’s been discontinued in favour of a new foaming wash that everyone hates. Then I got this day time facial moisturiser…

Dude, what the hell is it with French brands loading down products, especially skin care with perfumes?! I literally lost my breath when I used this. Once. For about three hours I couldn’t breath from the very musky scent. In hindsight I probably should have gotten the Visionnaire set, I’m already used to the fragrance from that range, and it’s not so perfumey. I also got some make items. I got a sample size five pan shadow palette that I threw out, nothing wrong with it, the size just freaks me out. I also got the Hypnose mascara that everyone raves about, it’s good, but I’ll still take my Eyeko over it. And a lipstick that’s surprisingly unflattering on, though not in swatches or the tube. I swear it looks like a gorgeous hot pink, on me it turns into some really weird orange coral monstrosity.

Ok, so on to what we’re here to talk about, the Spring line. The line comprises two cushion blushes ($39), a cushion highlighter $39), a palette ($50), four new shades of the Le Stylo lipsticks ($27), two regular lipsticks ($23), the La Rose Blush Poudrer ($60) which people are confusing as a blush, but is really a highlighter, and a host of other items. There’s also a smaller five pan shadow palette that has one of the weirdest colour combinations I’ve ever seen. I had a really tough time choosing products, for one thing everything is pink and so damn similar. I almost got the palette, because look at it

La Palette La Rose


I was intrigued by those two last shades in the palette. Then I discovered that they were lip shades and the rest of the palette just started to look rather dull to me. Most of those colours I wouldn’t be able to wear in any case so no loss there. I finally settled on two of the Le Stylos, a blush and the highlighter. At the last minute I changed my mind and only got one of the pens, and the blush, I’m not really sure why, but I’m happy that I did. Let’s put it this way, if you have one or two items from this line, you’re good. No need to get everything, like I said it’s all rather similar and like most European brands, so subtle, that the differences aren’t dramatic enough to warrant more than one of the same.

I picked up the Le Stylo pen in no. 02 Rose Mon Amour which is supposed to be a pinky purple tone, and the cushion blush in Sparkling Framboise the darker of the two pinks. Having never used the Stylos before, I really had no idea what the heck I was getting myself into. It’s a two part product. On one end, you have a matte lip product that’s on the tip of a sponge that you sort of grind into the cap to get it onto the sponge. Yes, the product is in the cap, so please god don’t lose it.  On the other side there’s a coordinating glossy shade, that thankfully twists up out of the pen.



The idea, according to the video on the Lancôme site, it to be able to create an ombre lip, except that the glossy side isn’t pigmented enough to create a true ombre. You can use the glossy side over the matte colour, which really is what you should do because that ish is dry AF. You can’t see it in the pictures but my lips are crazy dry from testing liquid lipsticks that dried the hell out of my lips, and the matte side of it showed everything. I didn’t even know my lips were that dry. Also, not as purple as it looks on the site, it’s more of a cool pink in reality. Swatches below.



The blush is called Blush Subtil. Subtil is the French word for subtle so I was expecting as much, but really when something looks like this in the pan, you kinda expect a bit more, ya know? Swatches below, and totally off topic and having nothing to do with anything but…I wear a lot of grey…




It’s a raspberry pink, hence Framboise (French for raspberry), and it is very subtle, but it is also gorgeous. It’s a light buildable wash of colour that looks very natural on, even for someone who doesn’t naturally blush pink or red. On me it reads almost lilac because it is cool, and I found that even though it’s subtle I didn’t need to build it too much, two dabs with the pad that comes with it, a pad that works really well by the way. Below I’m wearing both the blush and the lippie, I think I have that pissed off pixie look down pat, whaddya think? It was the end of a long day of product testing and taking pictures and I was too tired to pose and just done with life altogether.



Final Thoughts.

I’m keeping the blush because I like that it’s no fuss and great for a no makeup look. The Stylo will be returned because I do not think that it’s worth $27. Pink is great, but for a whole line? Not so much. I’m definitely not that impressed with this launch, it would have been nice to see some brighter colours with more depth. I mean Spring is the time when flowers bloom and our world goes from grey to bright. Flowers don’t just bloom pink do they?

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