It’s Summer In Too Faced Land Again! (2015)



Oui mes amies, it’s that time of year again. The time when, although the temperatures haven’t skyrocketed as yet, Too Faced is already heating up the scene with their pretty pops of colour. I don’t know one girly girl at heart who doesn’t wait to see just what Mr Blandino has in stock for us each season.

The pretties this year are, in my opinion, a bit less dynamic that last years. But, the season hasn’t really descended on us as yet so who knows what that will bring. The summer line this year seems to be about brighter colours and extravagance. So far we have The Little Black Book of Bronzers which is every single bronzer that Too Faced makes all in one convenient container, including the all new Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer, I’m on the fence about getting the whole book that since I’m sure I’ll only use a few of them. But since it’s only about $20 more than a single bronzer, and I know for sure I’ll used Dark Chocolate Soleil, Sun Bunny and Beach Bunny, I just may wind up getting it. The melted lipsticks have gone metallic in some new shades even though I’ll probably stay the hell away from them since they probably still run cool and I’ll just look crazy. We also have a new contour palette on the block, and the star of today’s show, the first colour palette of the season, Sugar Pop.

The same $36 as all the other summer palettes and housed in the exact same magnetised tin, DSC_1902


what we have here, is nine shades of bright, yet subdued lovely, along with Get The Look insert.



To be sure, this palette boasts the well known Too Faced pigmentation and lasting ability, but perhaps I’ve been spoiled by previous years colour choices, because I wasn’t in love with the colour in Sugar Pop. I just wasn’t out of the nine colours, I could see myself wearing three of them Malted Milk Ball, Sugared Violet and Blackberry.

But, you guys be the judge of weather or not this is the palette for you. Swatches below from left to right;

Rock Candy, Maccaron, Malted Milk Ball, Strawberry Ice, Sugared Violet, Blackberry, Peach Fuzz, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry.





Final Thoughts.

Although not technically, these colours run a bit too pastel-y for my tastes, these aren’t typically the sorts of colours I’d wear and in my defence they looked a lot different online. Not at all disappointed though, since this is only the first palette of the Too Faced summer, other offerings will be coming so eventually I’ll be happy, plus I’m usually more about Too Faced’s holiday goodies anyway.

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