IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer.



I like the idea of IT Cosmetics. The reality is often something else though for a couple of reasons. If you follow Jackie Aina on YouTube, she details how the foundations are too light for her. The one foundation she had been able to use, left her looking corpsey. I can use the last shade in most of their lines, Rich, pretty well. However I do get the grey cast that she talks about as well. The undertones on their foundation products for deeper complexions are…lacking.

My biggest issue is with their liquid products. IT is a “natural” brand, as such they use citrus oils as preservatives in very large quantities. Like, it’s so strong that you can smell it through the containers. There was a primer that I’d gotten and was in love with, it left me with cystic acne after two uses. Their cushion foundation I also liked, same issue.

Then there’s the  new Confidence In A compact foundation I desperately wanted to try, read the ingredients and nope. Needless to say I tend to stick to their powder products, of which I haven’t really gotten a lot. I will give them props for recently expanding their shade ranges in their foundations, even though I can’t use any of it.

I was trolling QVC saw these and decided that I needed them in my life, well two of them anyway. The deal that QVC has running combines each shade with the new Heavenly Skin One Sweep Wonder Brush for $35.92. This is an excellent deal as the brush alone costs $48, and the Blushing Bronzer is $32.

The Blushing Bronzer is a product like the Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer that contains a bronzer, blush and highlighter that can all be used separately or blended together and it comes in three colour configurations. There’s Instant Warm Glow, Instant Nude Glow and Instant Natural Glow. I picked up Natural and Warm.




They’re packaged in cardboard and come with a pretty nice mirror in the lid of the compact. They’re a decent size fitting in the hands comfortably and have a magnetic closure in the form of a huge IT metal button, talk about branding.




Instant Warm Glow is an orange coral blush, paired with peachy champagne highlighter and a dark bronzer shade that’s almost dark enough for me, but has an orange undertone so issa no for me. The powders are very finely milled so you will be experiencing a lot of kick up. This is the shade that is supposed to be the universal shade that all complexions can wear. I was leery of picking it up at first because I believed it to be a peachy shade, I wound up getting it because it was pretty and I’ve demonstrated that I’m something of a masochist.





For as peachy as this looks, I’m able to wear it rather easily. The blush has a brown undertone to it that cancels out the peach in my complexion. I love the highlighter even though it’s really not as finely milled as the other two parts of the powder, and can come off a bit chunky. It is the perfect highlighter shade though as it looks very natural on me, and I can blend it out well enough that it doesn’t look terrible.

Instant Warm Glow is a very bright pink number with a medium bronzer and a pink champagne highlighter. This one is recommended for darker skin tones because of the brightness of the blush. But because of the much lighter bronzer, I don’t see dark skin tones getting much use out of it.





I like this one well enough, but it’s not the fave. I can use all of the colours, even though the bronzer is a fail what with being so light. You can mix all the colours together though, and you’ll end up with something slightly different. You may want to go ahead and make the decision that’s the route that you’re going, because trying to pick up one colour with a brush is kind of a losing proposition. Swatches below, the last picture is what happens when all colours, including highlighter are blended together.





Even using the very narrow Wonder Brush I was unable to pick up only one section of the powder. I had to go in with my Tarte blush brush to get targeted colour. Can I just tell you about the Wonder Brush though? It’s super pretty, I’ve been meaning to get one of these types of brushes for a while now so I was happy when I got this. It’s the perfect size for using with this palette. It fits in the hands comfortably, and despite the high shine finish it’s easy to grip without losing it.





I hate this brush. Why? Well it’s not dense enough. It’s quite odd. The tip of the brush is quite sparse and reminiscent of a stippling brush in the lack of bristles. But the middle is densely pack, it’s just weird. It’s horrible for picking up blush from this compact, it doesn’t pick up enough to deposit on the face and it flings powder everywhere. It takes you a really long time to build up colour and doesn’t deposit it where you need it to go. It is great for applying finishing powders though, so that’s what I’ll use it for.

As for the blushes, they are super pigmented and I feel like I wasn’t expecting that. When I got the right brush I had to use a light hand because holy pigmentation batman! They do last a long time as well, I got around six hours of wear in the humidity that assaulted us last week. The highlighters are subtle, but subtle in the way that I dislike in that they don’t really look like highlighters if that makes sense. They’re rather powdery and don’t really impart any sort of sheen.

Below I’m wearing Instant Natural Glow’s orangey coral beauty, and as you can probably tell I got a little carried away. Instant Warm Glow is even brighter than Natural Glow, I don’t have a picture of me wearing it because I’m still struggling to tame that beast.



IT claims that these can also be used as an all over powder, I haven’t tried that as yet and have no plans to. They’re just entirely too warm with too much colour in my estimation. It may be a possibility with Instant Nude Glow, but since I don’t own that one, I can’t say for certain.


Final Thoughts.

I liked these a whole lot more than I thought that I would, minus the brush. The brush is not worth $48 to me, If you’re gonna spend that much you may as well add another $7 to the mix and get the Nars Ita kabuki. Plus there are other options on the market that are cheaper as well.

I think the blushes are worth it, I’m stoked that someone with my complexion can wear two of them with no problem. I recommend picking these up if you were interested and your complexion can handle all that pigmentation. Although the bronzers are gonna be a dud for most deeper complexions, I recommend the blush and even the highlighter even though it’s not the best number.

Plus at $32 it won’t break the bank and if you wanted to try out that crappy brush for yourself even though you know I’m always right, you can basically do that through QVC for $3 more. Go ahead and indulge in another example of banging summer makeup.

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