In Today’s Edition of Stuff People Are Losing Their Minds Over, Jouer Powder Highlighters.



Soooo…apparently these are a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that as soon as they get restocked, anywhere, they sell  right the heck out. But you know what? They can have mine, for real cause as much as I love Jouer, I do not love these highlighters in the least. I’ll explain why, but you know, wanted to put that right out there from the jump.

We have three shades of these, well really four, but the fourth is a mini limited edition so not really a part of this whole line-up. So why am I talking about it? Anyway, the shades these come in  are Topaz, an old favourite and two new shades in Rose Quartz and Citrine the one everybody is losing their minds over. That’s the one that can’t be kept in stock.

What’s different than the older Jouer highlighters? Well these are powder, and no that’s not the reason I don’t care for them, I’ve been buying a lot more powder than liquid or cream highlighters lately that I love. 

There are a few things to love about these in any case, for one thing we’re getting really high end looking packaging in both the box and the faux metallic case of the highlighters instead of the brown plastic containers of previous highlighters. They’re also substantially larger than the previous ones being about two and a half times as large and containing 0.16oz of product versus 0.7oz like the cream highlighters do.





According to the Jouer website (I got mine from Beautylish though), they provide a true lit from within glow because “Ultra-fine pearls and luminescent pigments create the ultimate, “lit-from-within” glow. This creamy, powder formula is long-wearing, highly pigmented, and layers with our best-selling cream Highlighter for the perfect radiant finish.” I mean they’re absolutely wonderful to look at and I was seriously excited to get them.


Citrine – A shimmering gold.



Rose Quartz – A shimmering champagne pink.


IMAG6953 (1)

Topaz – A shimmering peachy gold.


Look they could have just named the shades, Brassy, More Brassy and What The Hell Brassy? Because that’s what they are. They’re also pretty chunky, and do not blend out well at all. Can I wear em? Yeah I can cause I’m me and I make ish work, but I don’t want to put that much work into what is supposed to be high end highlighters. I have drugstore highlighters that perform better, in fact I have a few that I haven’t reviewed as yet.

The one that I was most excited for was Rose Quartz because I’ve been on a pink highlighter kick lately. But when I swatched it I can’t even describe my disappointment. As a one, they basically all looked the same on my skin, which is to say white. It’s as if they don’t have any pigment to them, just a silvery luminescence. 

The only one that had some colour is Topaz being darker than the others. I tried so many different settings on my camera to get it to pick up the colours and I could not, because the colour is almost non-existent. Lots of swatches below in different lighting conditions.






As you can see, there’s barely any difference between the shades. I figured though, maybe they swatch badly but they’ll go on well, cause you know sometimes that happens. So I applied my makeup and went in first with Rose Quartz. 

Turns out, not only are they brassy, but they’re powdery and too much comes up on your brush, so I tapped it off and applied. 

Bad move man, it just stayed in the spot that I started in, sank into my acne scars and decided to hang about being all brassy and ish. 

So then I had to go in with Topaz to try and tone down the brass, and it was marginally better but I spent probably the better part of five minutes trying too blend it in and it didn’t work all that well initially. 

I’d started with a targeted highlighter brush, my Chikuhodo highlighter brush, which is likely one of the best highlighter brushes on the market at $52 and never fails to make all highlighters look awesome. When that didn’t work I went in with a fluffy blush brush, and finally resorted to an oversized powder blush to blend it in.

In the end I was able to blend it in, and in pictures in looks ok at best, but in real life all my acne scars are exacerbated and I look like trash. What I have on here is a combination of Rose Quartz and Topaz, I didn’t even bother with Citrine what with it being so much lighter than the other two, I knew that would not at all end well, and you can see how the texture on my face has been put on blast.



Final Thoughts.

It really hurts my heart to write this review, because I love Jouer to bits, but they seem to have left behind their usual subtle makeup to pander to the chicks that prefer the strobe from outer space looks and I for one couldn’t be more disappointed. 

Although they’re only $24, I don’t think it’s worth it. There are literally tons of drugstore highlighters that work better, and I think part of my disappointment was because I had recently been using some of said drugstore highlighters that are bae. This is a hard pass for me, I wish I had just followed my first mind and gotten some lip toppers like I was going to.

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