Holiday Sets 2015: Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set.


The second item that I got from the Stila holiday sets was this set of six mini liquid lipsticks. For some reason, even though these had always been a must try for me, I continually overlooked them. Somewhere inside of my brain, I thought they weren’t a matte finish. Please don’t ask me where that idea got lodged, because I couldn’t tell you. In any case, even if I hadn’t gotten the other palette I was determined to get this just so that I could finally try it. There is also a smaller set of three that I think is $20 or $25 that I’ve only seen in store in Ulta, but I wanted more choices and figured this $39 set was a better choice for me.

In all you get four colours from the permanent line and two wholly new ones, Como from the summer line and Chianti which is a new never before seen shade.




The smaller size is sort of the reason that I wanted them, I get the chance to try a good number of colours, and because they’re minis I might, just might be able to finish something for once. The only gripe that I have about them is that like most of Stila’s blushes and lip products they tend to swing mostly cool and the result on my very warm skin can translate into a chalky looking mess. Swatches below;


Imagine my surprise and delight when I got them and they were a matte finish! The colour selection is also great and although almost all of them were cool toned with the exception of Chianti, they managed to not look absolutely terrible on me. The lightest shade, Caramello, I was able to pull off using MAC Cork as a neutral lip liner.

They do dry to a soft matte finish that’s comfortable to wear (didn’t need lip balm underneath) and look at, meaning they don’t sink into lines and exacerbate dryness or flakiness. I was a little bit disappointed in the cool tone of the colours especially Como. I’ve been trying to wear that shade in many brands for a minute now, but because of my undertones I just can’t pull it off. It always winds up looking like a very cool toned pink on me, maybe because of the bluish base which I kind of don’t understand since I can wear blue based reds with no problem.

In any case I didn’t want to return these and so started playing with them and found out that (1) they mix very well together, and (2) mixing them created more warm toned colours better suited to me. For instance, I love the colour Patina, it’s that mauve rose shade that I prefer my blushes and lip colours to be. By mixing Chianti and Caramelo, I was able to achieve a version of Patina that was better for me. Mixing Como and Fiery I got a more wearable shade of purple pink for my undertones. The picture below is a the result of Aria and Patina.

20151111_132216_1 (2)

The best way I found of applying them was to place dots of each on my lips, then press together to begin mixing. Since I don’t mind using my fingers, I also used them to make sure that the colour was uniform all over my lips. The lasting power I’ll be honest I don’t really remember, since I put it on and my day just basically took a nose dive once I left the house. When I got home about six hours later it was gone, but I do know that it lasted at least two hours, I just stopped paying attention after at.


Final Thoughts.

This is a pretty good set for anyone wanting to finally try the Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks by Stila. You get a good variety of colours from bright to conservative, and even though they’re cool toned, warm girls don’t have to worry because they’re easily combined to create warmer colours. This set is in absolutely no way a miss and I’m happy with it. Indeed, I’m kind of impressed with Stila for their entire holiday collection. Oh, and The Sending My Love Set (mid-sized one), does in fact come with a blush, bronzer and highlighter in addition to a lip gloss, liner and four shadows. However, it’s costs $49, ten less that the large one, but it only has four shadows so for me it’s not a really good value.

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