Holiday 2017: Three Must Buy Ulta Exclusives.

Is anyone else hella exhausted by all the sales and new stuff that seems to be dropping daily? Hell I know I am. The Sephora Rouge/VIB sale just freaking ended and here we are at Thanksgiving and now Black Friday once again. I ain’t buying a damn thing else, not least of all because between the Rouge sale and Ulta, I’ve already dropped a tonne of money in the last two weeks.

Anywho, I got way too much stuff from Sephora, video upcoming along with a Holiday giveaway cause why not. But first let’s about the three things that I got from Ulta that are exclusives to them. I actually picked these items up in store on a whim, I didn’t actually go in to buy anything, just browse. One item is going back, not because it’s a bad product, on he contrary, it’s stellar. But my personal politics/beliefs preclude me from keeping it.

But let’s talk, or rather watch me babble on about what I got;

For those of your that prefer to look at pictures and text, here ya go.

Lancôme Glow For It Highlighter Trio Palette $39.









Things to Keep in Mind;

The first shade has a tonne of micro-glitter. It can’t be seen on the skin unless someone gets right up in your face and is looking for it or in flash photography. The other two don’t but that last shade is more a blush topper than a highlighter in all honesty. They last for about five hours before they disappear altogether so I wouldn’t plan on using this for a long day or night out.

The texture and consistency may be different than what you’re used to in highlighter format. These are some of a gel to powder formula, reminiscent of the Stila Heaven’s Hue highlighters, with that bouncy consistency.

Too Faced Pretty Planner (LE) – $42.








Things to Keep in Mind;

This palette unlike the last multitude of holiday palettes was made in Italy and not China. As a result the quality of the shadows surpasses anything that Too Faced has released in the last year at least. They’re pigmented, blend well, last all day and don’t get muddy.

Normally I would stay away from a palette with this many warm or light shades, but I found the warm shades to be more warm neutrals than the usual red neutrals that we’ve become accustomed to. The mattes are also very soft and apply really well with no hitching and also blend well, I find them comparable to ABH mattes such as the ones in the Modern Renaissance palette, just not as dusty as these have almost no kick up or fall out.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of swatches of the Stila Mermaids Magnificent Metals shadow in Into The Blue, for that you’ll just have to watch the video!

Hope you’re enjoying this new format!!!!

2 thoughts on “Holiday 2017: Three Must Buy Ulta Exclusives.

  1. Hello and Happy Thanksgiving, Cleo!! I Looove the new format, BTW , and the content, as per usual!! My PLAN is to do Sephora tomorrow😊. Prayers up for the best deals!!!! Again, the new format is ACE. 😉

    • Thanks love! Hope you had a good one as well. Normally I’d be doing Ulta tomorrow cause they usually have better deals, but Sephora has quite a few good ones for tomorrow. I’ll likely still so Ulta as well tho, cause I lack self control 😖

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