Holiday 2017: Becca Après Ski Palette.


Becca has a few holiday offerings at the moment, but this is in my opinion the only one worth getting. I dunno, but I feel like at this point Becca has very little to offer in terms of new or innovative, like literally how many shimmering skin perfectors can you come out with? I mean…I know that’s your thing and whatnot, but for real? All of the new offerings are some form of shimmering skin perfector gift set, the exception being this little ditty here and while it does have skin perfectors it, that isn’t all it has.

The Deets.

The Après Ski palette is a set of;

  • Three shimmering skin perfectors two of which are part of the permanent line Rose Quartz and Opal, and one new one in Icicle.
  • A Sunlit Bronzer in Bronzed Bondi which is their  medium bronzer
  • Blushed Copper which started out as a shimmering skin perfector but somewhere along the line got knighted as a luminous blush.
  • And finally a New Mineral Blush in Winter Berry.

Most beautiful to me about this palette is mostly the compact, any packaging junkie can relate to this, it’s a beautiful silver that reflects an icy blue when light hits it at different angles. It has a gorgeous filigree patterning on the front with what looks like snow covered firs, the names of the products are printed on the back. It’s a weighty palette and feels very luxurious and high end.






The Good & Bad.

Basically if you’re a Becca collector, you probably already own eighty per cent of this palette. Now, while I am a Becca collector to some degree, I don’t own any of the shades in this palette, I used to own Blushed Copper, but it was way too warm for my complexion so I gave it away. I’m not mad at having in this palette one because I’ve been flirting with the idea of checking it out again and because with this bronzer I can dull the edge of warmth in it and make it less shiny.

I’ve never used Rose Quartz, never been interested in it and I’ve always assumed that Opal was for much paler skin tones while Topaz was for brown girls. I’m actually good with Rose Quartz it’s a beautiful neutral rose gold. Even though I was going to just ignore Opal, people have been seriously yelling at me lately that I’m not as dark as I think I am, like…they’ve been real loud. I was told a few days ago that I’m in fact a dark tan, not the dark brown I think I am so…I tried it and it’s wonderful, the end. Also, everyone is wrong and I’m being slandered.



The new shades in the palette are great too, I wasn’t expecting Icicle to be particularly brown girl friendly but I was pleasantly surprised. Becca powders are always really great, but something feels very different about these, if possible they’re even more finely milled than the norm and there is absolutely no kick up of dust and they don’t get cakey with building. The only issue that I had was Winter Berry has a very peach base which is a problem that I’ve had with a lot of Becca’s pink blushes, because of this they can disappear on my complexion, but I was able to to build this one well which resulted in a very soft, natural looking colour.

Below I’m wearing Winter Berry and Icicle which gives a very ethereal looking blue or pinky-purple shift depending on how the light hits it much like the compact that houses it. It’s surprisingly gentle to my complexion but I do find that if I use purple based blushes with it, it tends to be a bit much. In the pictures below, I’ve used Bronzed Bondi on the perimeter of my face to emphasize the light in the centre of my face.



As I said I also used Opal for the first time ever and really like the result, below I’m wearing it with Winter Berry again, I’ve sort of been obsessed with this blush once I realised how absolutely natural it looks on me, as much as I hate that I have to build it up that much more, I have to admit that the addition of a peachy base is what allows it to look so natural on me. I’ve used Rose Quartz as an eye shadow here. Bronzed Bondi used on the perimeter of my face again.

Becca Apres Ski Palette


Final Thoughts.

Do you need this palette? Well it is $54, so good question?

  • If you have no Becca products and are looking to try some, this is a pretty good starter palette
  • It has at least one cult classic from the brand, an unexpected inclusion in Blushed Copper, two new shades and then there’s Rose Quartz.
  • The bronzer is not going to be for everyone.
  • I keep saying I don’t understand why cosmetics companies refuse to incorporate a dark bronzer in these things. You can sheer out a very dark bronzer, you can’t build up one that’s too light
  • So unfortunately darker skinned girls will have to go into this knowing that bronzer is not going to work for all of us.

I personally think that for me, this is a pretty good value because;

  • I don’t own any of the shades in the palette
  • I tend to collect Becca blushes and foundations, not really much else.
  • However if you have the Chrissy Tiegen palette you may not want to get this one, the blushes are very very similar.
  • The bronzer in the Teigen palette is a tad darker I could use it in the middle of summer, this one I don’t think that I’d be able to.

Yeah, I dunno about this one folks, I think that it’ll be a pretty subjective thing honestly.

2 thoughts on “Holiday 2017: Becca Après Ski Palette.

  1. Loving the results of the Becca. And, I have never worn blush. I am always afraid of looking like someone from the 80’s show Knots Landing, lol!! And, What. Are. Those. Lippie. Colors? Beaut!!

    • Oh girl, I bought ALL the damn holiday blushes! Alladem! Don’t be scared of the blush, it’s a beautiful obsession. I really can’t remember which lippie that is, if I do I’ll comment again.

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