Holiday 2016: Ciate London Chloe Morello Beauty Haul



I have had this for weeks and I’m sad to say that until earlier this week, I hadn’t paid it enough attention to use and review it. I bought this before it dropped because it was already available in the UK first and I gots people. I was initially a lot more impressed with this looking at it online than I was when I got it, and it’s not because it’s not a good palette, it it is. There’s just not anything very spectacular about it.

Let me go straight on record saying that if you already have any of the Fun, Fearless or Pretty palettes that debuted earlier this year, then you probably don’t need this or you may. For instance if you were only able to afford one of them, or if you like me gave one of yours away to covetous individuals. I only have my Fun Palette left.

It was curated by Chloe Morello who I think is an Aussie vlogger, I’m not familiar with her, but she chose her favourite colours out of all the palette and then added I think three new shades. Included in the kit you also get a mini of Ciate London Liquid Lipstick in Pinup and a mini Wonderland Mascara in Black Magic which I’m dying over! Rounding out the kit is a beautiful vegan leather makeup pouch in navy (Ciate said purple but nope!) with a tasselled zipper.

The cover of the palette is reminiscent of the smaller palettes, except that it’s cardboard. There are eighteen shades that make up the palette and it’s nice mix of neutrals as well as some fall essentials.




For whatever reason, I’m not all that impressed with this palette, I’m not even sure why. The colours are good even though I feel like the selection could have been better and I’ve had some trouble blending them. The formula seems to be a little bit different than the smaller palettes although they feel the same. They get a bit muddy whenever I try to blend them. They don’t go over my lids very well, they hitch and I find myself packing them on instead of using even strokes. In all honesty, this is a pretty good palette though, I just do not like it for some strange reason and I keep trying to figure out why that is, and my brain keeps telling me it’s awful when it really is not.

Swatches of the palette below, I forgot to take swatches of the liquid lipstick but it’s a nice colour with decent staying power. It took a little time to dry down and it does transfer, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Ultimately it turned a wee bit orange on me so I gave it away to a friend, who’s a tad lighter with cooler undertones and it looks pretty damn phenomenal on her.





Looking at the swatches I think that the reason I don’t care for this palette is because it’s super pale. There aren’t enough deep colours and there isn’t a black for deepening the outer V that most darker skinned ladies need when working with lighter crease shades like these. Every time that I use this I wind up having to reach for another palette with a black to complete the look. Or maybe I’m just crazy, that’s more likely.

Funny enough, the two things that I loved the best from this whole kit were the mascara and the makeup bag, ironic cause usually those are throwaway items for me. The makeup bag is big enough to load down, and I was able to fit my favourite powder brush in it, and it’s pretty long. The interior of the bag is padded, ostensibly to protect the palette that came in it, but the padding takes up a lot of space and I really want to take it out but I don’t want to ruin the bag.

The mascara is not really anything special unless you like clumpy mascara, and I love clumpy mascara. But you know, it has to be a certain type of clump. I don’t mean spider legs, things hanging off your lashes clump. I mean make your lashes look like you’re wearing fans on your face clump. Even if you have baby lashes, this thing will make your lashes look super thick.


Final Thoughts.

The palette isn’t terrible, I just dislike it terribly and that probably coloured my response to it. You get a nice assortment of products and they all work really well. For me it was worth it just for the bag and mascara. It will probably be worth more to someone else who can get use out of all of the items, for $49 you could do a whole lot worse. This is now available at and the Ciate London website.

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