Get Ready/Get To Know Me; Chit Chat While Trying Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation.

Y’all…why did I completely forget to upload the post for yesterday? Oh yeah, probably because I have a lung infection all I wanted to do was get some sleep last night. Don’t worry, better late than never and since it’s a video no harm no foul. It’s a long on though so settle in to see me in my true form, a total and absolute ass.

Pictures & Swatches of Clinique Products Used;



I really appreciate the minimalist nature of the Clinique packaging, it’s probably what allows them to offer such great products for the prices that they do, their foundations are typically between $23 and $28 and you still get a stand ounce of product like you do with the other guys.


The lipsticks are really nice. They’re not a matte as we know it matte, but a soft moisturising, non sticky matte that still manages to last a pretty decent amount of time while still giving full colour even with eating, drinking and talking. They last well for about five hours before they start to fade in the centre outwards.



The colour that I chose Ginger (112) is an excellent colour match, but because the shade is supposed to be a golden neutral it will eventually start to look a bit ashy on me unless I mix it with the Blend It Yourself Drops. Because of that I’m reluctant to wear it because my lazy self can’t be bothered with mixing all the time. Plus you know, 800 other foundations taking up my time.


It covers well, managing to hide most hyperpigmentation marks and evening out the skin tone while imparting a subtle glow that gets more pronounced with longer wear and mixing with the natural oils on the face. Bonus, it’s not necessary to powder with this foundation. The highlighted benefit of this foundation that is that it’s a part of the Even Better line, a line designed to even out the skin tone and banish pores and dark spots, so over time the skin not only becomes clear but more brightened.


Final Thoughts.

I’m pretty much loving everything that I’ve gotten from Clinique up to this point including the skin care and I’m seriously geeked and ready to try more.

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