Finding the Perfect Foundation For You.



I do a lot of foundations reviews, like…a lot. I am a self confessed foundation hoarder, and look, I don’t even care. As we …um…speak, I have no less than four foundation reviews in the pipeline that have been on pause since January and I fully plan on getting to them, but…

When I review foundations, there are a few things that I look for. First, is that it’s a good match for my skin type which is combination oily. I tend to stay away from anything with dewy or moisturising in the name cause I really don’t need that in my life. The second is longevity claims. I’m usually wearing my foundation for at least twelve hours, not for any reason other than I’m lazy and even if I get home at a decent hour, I’m not usually in bed before two in the morning and that’s when I wash my face.

But by far the most important thing that I look for is colour selection. I’m usually not the darkest chick on the brown girl spectrum so I can, at times particularly in the winter, get away with using a dark medium-tan in most mainstream ranges. However, if a brand has less that ten shades and only two of those are for dark skin? I bypass that brand with prejudice. You wanna know why that is? Ok lemme tell you why.

For a brand to have fifteen shades of foundation and only offer two shades for brown skin tones shows;

  1. A lack of interest in serving a particular demographic, so you don’t need my money.
  2. From a scientific perspective is absurd since there is more variation in brown skin than there is in Caucasian skin tones. Don’t believe me? Here are a few journal articles that you can check out. This article is more complete but it pretty dense and hard to understand unless you have a background in genetics. This one is more easily understandable to the lay person, but isn’t very specific.

In any case I do a lot of foundation reviews, but I can’t get to all of them mostly because my bathroom would probably come to life and evict me. I was contacted weeks ago by and they were interested in doing a collaboration. I checked out their foundation review and let me tell you, they are very thorough, I was extremely impressed. They had reviewed and tested a lot of the foundations that I hadn’t gotten around to as yet, and they only included brands that had a variety of foundations with many options for brown girls.

It’s a pretty long post so I’m not going to post everything here just an excerpt and then I’ll link back to the original post on their site.

Foundation can feel like all risk and low reward. After all, when your foundation is truly perfect, it goes unnoticed. But the slightest bit off? The best-case scenario is a tinge of oompa loompa. And there are so many variables to get just right: the formula, the coverage, the shade. In the end, the best foundation is the one that effortlessly evens out your skin while looking natural and staying on all day.

In our search for the best, we rounded up 364 best-selling formulas, interviewed makeup artists, tried out shade-matching tools, and personally tested the finalists. More than 40 hours of research later, we’re confident in our picks: MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation (Best Sheer to Medium Coverage) and Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place (Best Medium to Full Coverage).


I encourage you to check out this post, that foundation you’ve been thinking of trying is probably on the list.

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