Holiday 2017: Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette, aka This Post Will Earn Me No Friends.



So remember how I’d said that I was waiting for the rest of the Fenty Collection to drop before I did the foundation review? Well this is what I was waiting for, the Limited Edition holiday collection. I wanted this enough to actually walk into Sephora the morning that it dropped, and it was as much of a nightmare as I thought it would be. People everywhere, I got to the store about an hour after it opened and no lie there was only one lipstick from the collection left.

The Collection.

In addition to this palette the collection includes four lipsticks, four lip glosses and three liquid liners. This is a very shiny collection, lets just put that out there now, if that’s your thing have at it. It’s however not mine so…

I tried the lipsticks and the glosses and although I loved the saturated colour of all of it, the glosses are very thick and sticky, they’re the type that would definitely last a long time through eating and drinking. What I didn’t like? I could feel the chunks of glitter on my lips in both gloss and lipstick, it was uncomfortable so I passed on all of it even though they’re frikkin beautiful.

The palette was what I was after in any case, I saw it on Instagram and lost my damn mind when I saw all of those cool toned shades. I think I’ve said before that as someone very warm toned I have a hard time wearing warm shadows, they do nothing for me and can most times overwhelm my complexion. In the current palette market finding a non warm palette is like finding a real life unicorn so yeah, I went a bit mad. And I paid for that.

The palette itself is beautiful as soon as you open the box and before you even get to the shadows, i’s large enough but still comfortable to hold and it is quite hefty, it doesn’t all all feel cheap or plasticky.




Inside you get fourteen shades, most of which are cool tones with few neutral yet not overly warm tones thrown in and some serious pops of colour.




Yeah Soo…

I didn’t care for this palette, as gorgeous as those shades look;

  • They don’t translate well to the lid.
  • They swatch great but trying to pick them up with a brush is a chore.
  • They’re also not very pigmented and trying to pack them onto the lid with a brush results in a serious amount of fallout.
  • They can be foiled but not well, so you’ll need to use either fingers to apply them or glitter glue to get them to stick around.
  • I hate using my fingers and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna use my fingers for an entire palette, I’m also allergic to most glitter glue that’s a no too.
  • It’s really pretty…?

This is definitely not a stand alone palette in the least, it’s a straight up all glitter all the time palette. If you’re looking for something else, walk away because you will need to bring in other palettes or singles into this if you want to create anything other than a full out shiny look, which hey if that’s your thing, go for it. Below is the first day that I wore it and I wound up packing two colours, Ultraviolet and Space Owt on top of each other because by themselves they didn’t show up well.

This is also my second attempt where I wound up having to use a matte grey shadow as a base over primer because they just didn’t show up well. The finished result is gorg and I got mad compliments on it, but getting there? Nah.



Final Thoughts.

I did return this palette even though I desperately didn’t want to but I knew that I wouldn’t reach for it so I just let go. Most of the disappointment with this palette lies with me to be honest, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this was an all glitter palette and I didn’t even swatch it in store so I didn’t find out till I took it home, that’s my bad.

But at the same time, the composition of the shadows is pretty disappointing, that green that is swatched up above that looks hella pigmented? Doesn’t even show up without being foiled, and I can’t help but compare them to the same sort of shadows in the Sephora Pro Palettes that are hella pigmented and show up with or without primer.

This palette is not for me, its for sure a collectors item and a lot of people already love the hell out of it to the point where I feel like the lone voice of dissent, but I’m ok with it. This palette, to me just isn’t worth $59.

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