Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection is an Easy Pass :/


Honestly I don’t even know why I do it to myself. I mean Too Faced has gotten pretty hit or miss over the last few years so not really sure what I was expecting going into this. And really, they’ve never been all that brown girl friendly beyond a certain shade of brown so yeah…I guess I was drawn in by all the pretty pictures on the Sephora website, but has anyone else noticed that Sephora has been over colour saturating their product photos? Like everything is five shades paler than it looks on the website.

I was having a day where I wasn’t having much work getting any writing done so I drove from the coffee shop I was at to the Sephora since it was on the way home. I had planned to pick up at least three of the blushes, a highlighter, finishing powder, a couple lipsticks, the palette and I was thinking of getting the foundation but I hadn’t decided yet. The only thing that I wound up getting was the palette and a sample of the foundation because everything? It’s kinda trash, sorry. I took pictures of everything and swatched most things.

Just Peachy Velvet Matte Palette – $45.

Ok so the palette was a big deal for me because I love matte shadows, I almost didn’t get it though because I look terrible in warm shadows, but I swatched it in store and fell in love with it instantly. I think a lot of the love that I felt had to do with the beautiful enamelled case.


The palette has twelve very warm shadows laid out in complimentary rows. Eleven of the shades are matte and one is a sort of satin that flirts with being matte.


  • Unfortunately as I suspected I looked terrible in the shadows, they’re too warm for me.
  • But beyond that, I found that even though they swatched well, they didn’t have any depth of colour and they did not blend particularly well for me even with three different types of primer tried including the Too Face Shadow Insurance.
  • As mattes go, they’re the dry sort that don’t go on very smoothly and can tug and hitch.
  • They play better when packed than swiped.




Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation – $36.

These are Too Faced Foundations that we’re talking about so the colour selection is of course terrible. There are twelve shades of which only the last two shades are suitable for dark skin tones. All of the foundations come in rosy or golden undertones.


I chose my sample in Mocha, which is described as a deep tan with golden undertones on the Sephora site, but a deep tan with a rosy undertone on the Too Faced site. I found it to be more warm in tone than golden or rosy, which suited me just fine. It’s a very thick foundation that can seem a wee bit sticky on first pump but doesn’t translate that aspect to the face. I took swatches of the last four shades of the foundation to show the jump in the shade range between Mocha and Mahogany. They aren’t quite so light as they look in this picture, but yeah they’re pretty light. The direct sunlight picture of Mocha is more representative of the true shade, but…it’s still pretty damn light.



I surprised myself by really liking this foundation. I had heard some pretty terrible things about it, both from people that had tried it and reading the reviews on Sephora. But I think that the thing a lot of people were missing is that;

  • This entire line, including the foundation, was formulated for people with combination oily skin.
  • So yes, it is thick and yes, it will look cakey on your if you have dry or normal skin.
  • It will cling to dry patches if you have them.
  • I really love the very natural look and finish of this foundation.
  • It looks perfect, but like perfect skin. It really makes the skin look like velvet.
  • It’s mostly comfortable to wear, I can feel it on my face at first but that fades quickly.
  • It wore all day, but I can’t remember if I powdered or not, I’m inclined to believe that I didn’t.

Now will I go out and purchase this foundation? No for one thing, like the rest of a line, it has a scent that I find absolutely abhorrent. For another, I have so many foundations that it just doesn’t make sense for me to get a new one, but I do like it so if you have combo oily skin you may want to give this a go. I also forgot to mention that it’s not a matte matte foundation, it’s a soft matte that starts to look dewy, not greasy when your oils break through. Pictures below in morning sunlight and late evening.


Peach My Cheeks Melting Blushes, Bronzer & Highlighter – $30.

Yeah I was pretty stoked for cream blushes and highlighters, especially after I loved the Natural Collection highlighters so much that it’s a struggle to not use them daily. But when I first looked at the blushes I was hugely disappointed, they absolutely lacked the colour depth in person that they had on the website.


I thought perhaps because they had been out and swatched for a while that may have had something to do with how pale and milky they looked, so I even went so far as to clean them off before I swatched them on my arm. Didn’t make a difference, even the on shade that I had been determined to get, Peach Berry, was a no go. All of them are very cool and have a white base that makes them look odd on dark skin. To use them successfully I would need to set down another blush as a base or perhaps mix it.


After the fiasco of the blushes, I took one look at the highlighter and bronzer, decided it wasn’t worth raising my blood pressure to swatch them, so I didn’t.

Peach Kiss Lipsticks – $21.

The lipsticks unfortunately suffer from the same problem that the blushes and the highlighters, they’re pretty pale and milky. Some of them may be workable for darker skin tones, it depends on your collection of nude pencils and how hard you want to work for it.


I did wind up falling in love with two of the colours on sight Sex On The Peach and Sunday Funday, but when I swatched them found them to be a bit too cool for me even though I can wear a cool lip in certain shades. I also don’t think that these are all the shades that are available in the line, I could swear that I saw at least twenty shades online and a lot of them were more suited to darker skin tones, so I think that my Sephora is just whack cause they only had these six.


Final Thoughts.

I was pretty disappointed by this point so I didn’t bother to swatch or pick anything else up from the line. I did wind up returning the palette because it looks awful on me and because I have drugstore mattes from Beauty Treats that perform better. This collection like most things Too Faced is clearly geared towards those of a lighter skin tone, that being said I’m probably going to pick up one of the holiday sets, likely the Ulta exclusive, because I need one of those cute planners in my life.

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