Dupe Alert!! Drugstore Dupes for High End Skin Care (L’Oreal vs…L’Oreal?)



Hey guys, hope that you enjoy the video today. Please understand that I’m not in fact endorsing three out of the four products and in fact since the Genifique, Energie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser and Hydra Nutrition all have large quantities of fragrance in them, I would in fact recommend that you stay away from them because it’s not good for the skin. Although I can’t speak for anyone else, those three all made me break out to one degree or another, so sensitive skin beware.

That being said, if you already use either of the two high end products to good results, you’re now aware of two dupes that work just as well. If you’ve been wanting to try either and my warnings haven’t deterred you? Here ya go!


The Hydra Nutrition I found to be very heavy and hard to work in completely without a bit of a greasy residue, because of this it’s really only suited to use at night or if your skin is extremely dry. It’s heavily, heavily fragranced and the smell lingers for the entire day if you happen to use it in the day time. In the end, this broke me out in terribly and I stopped using it.






The Hydra Genius is worth taking a look at if you want something that is moisturising and won’t interfere with your foundation daily. It’s very light gel-like consistency absorbs quickly and well and I found that it provided just enough moisture for my skin and my skin didn’t end up feeling tight or dehydrated with use throughout the day, but it’s really not suited for night-time use. It has a very light scent that fades almost immediately.






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