Crushing On Some Julep Skin Care.



I started doing Julep Maven boxes again when I bought a new subscription last September. Before that time I hadn’t done a Maven box in probably two years. I had stopped because working at Starbucks, I was unable to wear nail polish and at the time that was the bulk of their subscription model. Fast forward a few years and they not only offer all manner of nail items, but they’ve branched out into makeup and more recently skin care.

The last two boxes that I’ve gotten were a mix of skin care and nail polish, because yes I can now wear it. Unfortunately they don’t give you the option of not getting any nail polish in a box, so I’m not really digging that model right now cause to be honest, I don’t think Julep polishes are very high quality. The 1.99 Sinful colours polishes that I get at Walgreens perform better. They take forever to dry and even longer to set especially after adding a topcoat so I always wind up with smudged nails, and thy chip within a day or two.

The skin  care that Julep offers is modelled on Korean skin care, and whilst not a fan of K skin care, I decided to go ahead and try the What Your Skin Need Restorative Facial Milk because my skin was amazingly dry at that time. By itself the facial milk is $38 for an ounce, so it’s much more cost effective to get it in a box with other stuff for $24. They’re both decently sized though, the bottles are the same size but the Boost Your Radiance Restorative Oil has a little less product at .85oz for $36 but I think that’s just because the weight of both products differ.


They’re housed in glass bottles with a dropper, and the neck of the bottle is one of those that takes excess product from the dropper so it’s wonderfully mess free. What Your Skin Needs is an opaque white liquid and you would expect it to be thick, but it’s rather loose textured. When I first saw the facial milk, I won’t lie, I thought breakout city because it looked too rich for my skin. But at the time I needed something that heavy to combat what was happening on my face.



The ingredients list also scared me, it’s comprised almost entirely of oils and and I was concerned about my skin getting congested with continued use, and continued use was a possibility after the first time that I used it. According to Julep it’s supposed to brighten the skin, hydrate and replenish, and is indicated for even sensitive skin. It’s at once a stand alone moisturiser and a serum. I use it as a serum mostly, but if it’s the day time and I don’t want to get oily, I’ll use it on it’s own with no issues.

For extremely parched skin, this is indeed a life saver. Even when my skin had gone back to normal, I was still able to use it by just scaling back on the amount. It did brighten my skin and made the dryness I was experiencing disappear in about a week, but I was right that it was a little bit too rich because I did start to have some congestion issues and had stop using it for a bit. Since I’ve gotten the Boscia Cleansing Balm though, I’ve been able to use it daily with no problems as it addressed the congestion.

The Boost Your Radiance oil is a mixture of mainly rosehip seed oil, with some bergamot oil. You all know how I feel about rosehip seed oil, it’s of the gods so I won’t get into that again. Bergamot oil is a one two punch. While it acts on the skin to balance and unclog pores, it’s aromatherapy properties act as a relaxant and confidence booster.

It’s not going to be for everyone, it’s has a very strong scent that most people will likely hate. I love it, so every time I use this it’s a mini treat for me. Does it boost radiance? Honestly I don’t really know, the facial milk takes care of that to such a degree that anything additional doesn’t really create a visible difference. But do you need it? If you have another oil that you’ve been using there’s really no need to run out and get this. It does however balance my skin because of the largely rosehip base, I’ve had almost no breakouts since I started using it, so there’s that at least.

Both of these absorb really well. The facial milk absorbs right into the skin, leaving you with a satiny matte finish. The facial oil is a little bit more tricky to work in, after all it is an oil, but it does eventually sink right into the skin. It even absorbs well enough for daytime use should you need that.


Final Thoughts.

What Your Face Needs Facial Milk is a definite must buy, particularly if you have very dry skin naturally, or your skin is going through some issues right now. The oil is not a must have by any means, but it is nice and will balance your skin should you need that. Julep seems to have some awesome skin care so far, and I’ll likely to check out more of it. If you do decide to get either of these items, I suggest signing up for a Maven subscription. It’s $24 a month, and Julep has one of the more interesting subscription models where you can swap items out of your box to get just, or mostly what you want, and if you want nothing, you can skip a month without losing your sub. But definitely check out their skin care if you get an opportunity, as it seems that it’s sensitive skin approved.

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