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These are some of the items that I got from The seller, Brenda aka Omgmakeup, sells only new items at a fraction of the cost. There are actually a few sellers on the site for whom it’s a business and they only sell new makeup. When I’ve purchased stuff from the site I usually only purchase from Omgmakeup and Nya90. Because let’s get real, this is a makeup site for deeply discounted makeup, and I get that the others are also selling new items, but if I wanted to pay full price, I’d just go to Sephora. Use this link for omgmakeup’s MUABS shop and this one for Nya90. I’ve purchased from both a few times and each time I haven’t been disappointed with my stuff when I get it. In all from Omgmakeup I spent $142 for $283 worth of brand new items, cause this wasn’t the only thing that I got from her shop. So yeah, MUABS is a good place to find bargains, you just have to be careful of the scammers cause there are some, always use PayPal and you’re covered.

This isn’t my first brush with Laura Mercier, there’s last years Artist palette that I got and used a grand total of three times, not because it sucks, quite the contrary in fact, I’m always pleasantly surprised with the looks that I get when I use it. It’s just not that exciting to look at in the pan so I don’t reach for it very often or like…at all. I’d gotten the translucent setting powder and taken it back without using it because it was a crazy impulse purchase that I made going through Sephora’s checkout gauntlet. So I’m not unfamiliar, but I’ve never tried the complexion products. When the Candleglow foundation launched earlier this year…or was it late last year? Whatever, when it launched I’d seen it in Sephora but it got overshadowed by identical products by brands that I was already familiar with, I did swatch in store though and narrowed it down to two shades that would fit me well I thought. Omgmakeup had a huge catalogue of LM products and I wanted to get the new Cheek  Dot that she had and since I was there…

The Cheek Dots launched maybe two weeks ago and I was literally on the LM site looking at them when I switched back to MUABS and saw she had it. It retails for $32, but I got it for $15 in the shade Fruit Punch, a light pinky shade. It comes in a small cylindrical container that you twist up to get the product.






When I swatched it I was taken aback by how sheer it is and anticipated disappointment, cause…



Much to my surprise however, not only does it show up well on my dusky tone, it’s quite beautiful. It’s sheer and natural looking and while it looks as if it would just be very sticky and wet, it isn’t and dries down to a satiny finish that doesn’t disturb your foundation. It lasts about five hours before it starts to fade, or maybe it faded because after five hours I went out into the sweltering heat and it never stood a chance. We’ll figure that out come winter.

I also got one of the new Face Illuminator Powders in Addiction (cause I’m highlighter crazy these days), a medium golden shade with peachy undertones.




When I first looked at it I immediately fell in love with the design of the powder, and then I was a little concerned because it looked as if any way that I tried to apply it, it was gonna be overkill and brassy. I was wrong, thank goodness. It turned out to be really subtle, not to say that it can’t look like glow from outer space, but it will take some building to get to that point, that swatch below is somewhat heavily done. It’s so subtle in fact, that there’s a pretty good chance that it could be used as an all over face powder, you’d just have to choose your shade carefully.



Now, back to the foundation. Listen, I love Becca but honestly, if I had gotten a sample of this foundation before I bought the Aqua Luminous foundation, I would have gotten this one instead. Part of the reason like I said was because for me Becca was brand recognition. The other part was that there were some pretty bad reviews for this foundation on the Sephora site, which I really should know by now to take with a grain of salt, because not every thing will work for everyone and some people just live to bitch about anything, “the cap doesn’t fit, fail!”, “the bottle is frosted, and I couldn’t see the right shade, omg why meeee!” So on and so forth…

The colour that I settled on was Nutmeg, mostly because I couldn’t remember the other shade that fitted me well. The bottle is a heavy frosted glass (with a pump) that scares me because I’m the chick that falls up stairs so the sky’s the limit on all the bad that could happen here folks.





Nutmeg is a medium deep, warm shade which for most foundations (except luxury brands) usually means orange. Luckily in this case it was a deep peach.



When I tell you that this foundation is sooo the perfect luminous foundation, I’m not even hyperbolising. It looks absolutely stunning. It’s a sheer to medium coverage, and it goes on and finishes like skin seamlessly. While the finish is luminous, it’s not oily looking or strobe-like, meaning you won’t be able to replace a headlight, but it looks like a from within healthy glow. I do like the Becca a lot, but I’ve found that with some applications the glow can become obnoxious and look oily even though I’m not. It also doesn’t hold up well in the heat like the Tarte RF foundation does. Somehow the Candleglow manages to blur imperfections subtly, and it holds up remarkably well in the heat even though as an added bonus it doesn’t necessarily need to be set with powder. Below I’m wearing it without setting powder and also the Cheek Dot in Fruit Punch (which I’m not even sure can be seen on camera) and the Face Illuminator powder as highlight.



Final Thoughts.

Laura Mercier has a serious cult following and I think I just found out why. You guys know that I’m biased towards European brands because I feel that unlike their American counterparts they do subtle very well and all the time, and I prefer subtle. As I’ve said it’s easier to start at zero and work my way upwards than the opposite. I think that I’ve just discovered my first American brand that does subtle well and I’m elated. I didn’t have any of the issues that others complained about with the Candleglow foundation, it performed well for me and is very very natural looking. While initially worried about the Cheek Dot, I was pleasantly overruled in my objections by it’s performance. I think I’m a fan folks.

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