Coastal Scents Everlasting Lipsticks.


I have been praying for I don’t know how long to the makeup gods that Coastal Scents would start making lip colour other than glosses. Imagine my delight when I got the email that not only had they newly launched 15 brand spanking new lipsticks, but that they were being offered at the introductory price of $2.95. I didn’t even really spend much more than a second thinking about it, before I just went on over an snagged all 15 of them. Ok, 14, I didn’t get one because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to give that frosty beige madness away, much less wear it.

The colours range from really bright to neutral, and sport matte, satin and shimmer finishes. The colour families are grouped so that they gradually get darker and warmer. They unfortunately have no names, just numbers, which I suppose in one sense makes it easier, but it’s also a little bit lazy in my opinion. But back to the colour families, so for instance, if say 5 is a light orange red, 6 and seven will bee slightly darker, warmer versions of it.

I love the packaging, the box they come in is glossy black with gold lettering. I’m usually a snob about gold and black packaging because it screams trying too hard and winds up looking cheap, but in this case it works. The maniacal, OCD packing elves have been at it again. Inside the box, the lipstick tube is not only vacuum sealed in clear cellophane, but also bubble wrapped and tape. Sheesh. The lipstick tubes have a very high end look, and the colour s reminiscent of Hourglass packaging without the hefty weight.



Below I have swatches (skin range NC42-45), but no looks because of time constraints. I’ll do my very best to provide as accurate a shade description for each as I can, along with the undertones as they appeared on my face, since arm swatches can be different.


1. Dusty Rose – Neutral.

2. Sheer Pink w/Slight Brown Lean – Leans a bit cool.

3. Bright pink – Very Warm.

4. Fuchsia Pink – Very Warm.

5. Baby Pink – Very Cool.



7. Brownish Beige (?) – Very Very Cool. BTW, the swatch on the site? Looked nothing like this!

8. Raspberry Red – Neutral, but does lean a bit warm.

9. Deep Eggplant – Warm.

10. Odd colour but gorgeous! It’s a mix of red, brown and orange with some copper shimmer. It’s warm, but I’m almost certain anyone could wear this. Very unique colour.

11. True Red – Warm.



12. Orange Red – Warm.

13. Orange Coral – Cool.

14. Brown Mauve – Warm.

15.  Another True Red – Cool.


Final Thoughts.

Although all the lipsticks are supposed to be matte, I found that all of them have a sheen to them. There isn’t one true matte among the lot. They last about three hours before you have to reapply, even without eating and drinking. They don’t dry out the lips, on the contrary, they’re quite moisturising. The colours with the exception of 10 (which I expected to hate cause it looks bronzy, but I lurve!)  aren’t anything unique. I like pretty much all of the shades, even some of the cool ones like 13, because once it’s applied it doesn’t look quite so cool anymore. My personal favourites that have been being abused though are 1, 8, 10 and 14.

These are good, decent lippies. You can most likely find one to suit your skin tone or mood, and while they’re not spectacular, at the price point they’re not terrible either. That being said, if I’m going to go for cheap lippies, and have a choice, I’d much rather the BH Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks, and then the L.A. Girl Matte Lipsticks, these would come in third. These are not a total miss, but since I prefer matte lipsticks, I can’t completely recommend them. But if shiny lips are your thing, you should definitely check these out.

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