Fiona Stiles Is Low-Key Some Of The Best Makeup That’s Being Discontinued…



When Fiona Stiles hit Ulta about…I wanna say maybe a year and a half ago? I was intrigued. I liked the look of the packaging, and the colour combinations looked interesting. But…I’d never heard of Fiona Stiles. Like who was this chick and why was I supposed to care that she had a makeup line now? The price point became the second issue for me. I’m not about to drop almost forty dollars on a single product from a brand that I know nothing about, that’s barely been reviewed. Nah.

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Sephora Cool Neutral + Editorial Pro Palettes

IMAG7907_1 (1)

Y’all, I went and did a whole a$$ Sephora collection haul in the last few weeks. That’s what I seemed to be in the mood for. I got some lip stuff. Some face stuff. Some eye stuff. Just a whole lot of stuff. One of the first items that I purchased was two of the new Pro Palettes. I got the Neutral Cool palette and the Editorial. I almost got all three and picked up the Warm Palette as well, but a little voice of reason prevailed reminding me that I look trash in warm shades that aren’t foundation.

Now everyone is losing their minds over the warm palette. Just about every review I’ve seen features that palette or the Editorial, but surprisingly enough, not the cool. This is really a shame because once I got past the initial dissatisfaction of the seemingly boring colours, that palette is stellar.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Makeup Revolution Hashtag Slogan Palettes & Pro Glow Illuminator Palette.



Listen, I’m catching up season 6 of Suits as I’m writing this review, so I can’t be held responsible for any incoherence that may occur. That being said…

Makeup Revolution debuted these really cute hashtag palettes. there are three palettes that range from neutrals to jewel tones and each one comes with a complimentary eye primer. They aren’t the largest palettes, they can fit into your palm pretty easily, but what they lack in size they make up for in colour. I got the No Photos Please and Slay Palettes.

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