Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection is an Easy Pass :/


Honestly I don’t even know why I do it to myself. I mean Too Faced has gotten pretty hit or miss over the last few years so not really sure what I was expecting going into this. And really, they’ve never been all that brown girl friendly beyond a certain shade of brown so yeah…I guess I was drawn in by all the pretty pictures on the Sephora website, but has anyone else noticed that Sephora has been over colour saturating their product photos? Like everything is five shades paler than it looks on the website.

I was having a day where I wasn’t having much work getting any writing done so I drove from the coffee shop I was at to the Sephora since it was on the way home. I had planned to pick up at least three of the blushes, a highlighter, finishing powder, a couple lipsticks, the palette and I was thinking of getting the foundation but I hadn’t decided yet. The only thing that I wound up getting was the palette and a sample of the foundation because everything? It’s kinda trash, sorry. I took pictures of everything and swatched most things.

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Rihanna Out Here F#&%$ing Up The Foundation Game.



On the real, this isn’t even the post that I meant to do today, I was waiting for the holiday collection to drop and then do everything together, but you know what? I’ve been using this foundation for like three weeks and my feelings are well known and aren’t likely to change so let’s go. Ms Rih Rih decided to break us off some fabulous foundation and cue the social media excitement and subsequent hate. While WOC, particularly black women were over the moon, a lot of people took to social media to be bitter hags with the it’s not that special, what’s the big deal, other brands…blah, blah, blah.

Well yes miss lady, it actually is special and a really big damn deal because even though other brands may be inclusive…eventually, most just aren’t and don’t care to be. Cause let’s be real here, it usually takes brands years to develop dark shades because they want to see how the market does, but ostensibly because dark shades are harder to create… What??

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Anti-Holiday 2016: Exploring Sephora’s Complexion Line



Purely on the flimsiest of whims, I walked into Sephora and walked out with a bunch of their new complexion products. The complexion line has recently been revamped, I tried the blushes earlier this year and loved them, so I was really enthusiastic that the rest would be great as well. I picked up two of the Bright Future Serum Concealer and one of the Serum Correctors, and the new (relatively) 10 Hour Wear Perfect Foundation. The one thing that I didn’t get was the Micro Smooth Baked Foundation Face Powder. It’s supposedly a dupe for the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish, but they didn’t have a shade for me, I was in between shades.

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Sephora VIB Haul 2016: Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation and Friends.



I picked up some Kevyn Aucoin during the VIB sale. I’d only really wanted to get one thing, the new foundation, but wanted to try the Neo Bronzer since the summer so I went ahead and got it along with the new-ish Guardian Angel highlighter. I dunno, over the last few years or so, I’ve not really been into KA as much as I once was. The brand just seems to be lacking in innovation as well as quality, but I guess I was nostalgic here. Lemme tell you though? This foundation is quite possibly the worst foundation I’ve tried this year, and I’ve tried a lot if you’ve been keeping track.

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Sephora VIB 2016: Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation.



Burberry’s Cashmere matte foundation is one that’s debuted only once per year. You can get it from Sephora and other retailers between September and December every year, but after that it frikkin disappears for another year. You can usually find it on the Burberry website for a little bit longer, maybe  till the end of January. I’ve been stalking this for about two years now, don’t ask me why, something in the description just intrigued me. There are thirteen shades in the range, but where Burberry foundations are really spot on with their colour descriptions and the wear, sadly this one fell way short of my expectations from the brand.

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Anti-Holiday: Checking Out Circa Beauty.



I usually don’t go in for celebrity makeup lines. Collaborations with a well known company? Sure. But when they’re created by celebs, I usually roll my eyes and keep it moving. If you check out my very first Kat Von D post, you’ll see that I was completely wrong about that line, and yeah I was wrong about this one too. Maybe I should just shut the hell up and just try stuff, whaddya think?

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Anti-Holiday 2016: H&M Makes Cosmetics And Some Of It Ain’t Half Bad Folks. Picture Heavy. Long.



Did ya’ll know that H&M made cosmetics? I sure as heck didn’t. I was watching Irichel on YouTube a few months back when she first discovered it in store and decided to test it out, I liked some of the stuff that she reviewed and so I decided to test that sucker out myself. What you see in that picture is not everything that I got. I placed two orders and got at least one item from most of the range. The only thing that I didn’t get was lip stuff or mascara even though I’d really wanted to, but I have way more than enough of both so I wasn’t about to go that route.

I bought my stuff online, and two hours after I placed my first order everything went on sale. I was a little bit pissed. However, I had gone back on the site to place another order for the things that I’d initially said I didn’t want, and so I placed a bunch of stuff in my cart but didn’t complete checkout. About a week later I still hadn’t purchased them and even though the sale was over, the items in my cart still had the sale prices and I was able to get them for those prices, so that’s one good thing to know. Another thing to know is that they have a shite return policy, or what I prefer to call the European Cosmetic Return Policy, where once you pay for something it’s yours even if it doesn’t work, which for purchasing online is a pain in the butt cause things don’t ever look the same. So this is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to shop cosmetics at H& seeing as the entire range is not available everywhere.

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