Full Swing Into Spring (2016) With Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Collection (Foundation).


Tarte’s Spring launch is just so darn pretty! Everything from the outer packaging to the tubes, to the colourful pieces is designed to make you swoon and lust after just about every piece in the collections, and there are a couple.

The Rainforest of The Sea Collection is made up of  6 shades of concealer, 12 shades of foundation and lipsticks, a colour correcting palette, a highlighting palette, two shadow palettes, various skin care items and tons of new brushes.

The Double Duty Collection, which is right now an Ulta exclusive, contains 2 shadow and blush palettes, 10 shades of liquid and powder foundation, 8 double sided lipstick and lip gloss combos, 3 shades of the Eye Architect Shadow and Liner pencils, 3 different types of double ended Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, as well as a makeup bag and various brushes.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Maybelline



Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never used Maybelline Cosmetics? I mean granted I’ve only really just started using drugstore makeup, but you would think right? But nope.

What really made me pick up these items other than the fact that they were pretty as hell, was that when I did my drugstore haul from Ulta, they were having five times points on Maybelline, L’Oreal and Nyx. I was already gonna get a bunch of Nyx and L’Oreal stuff, so I figured why not. By the way, my drugstore haul cost about $125, but I got back $80 in points, so basically I paid about $45 for everything tax included. Ulta for the win, if they had more prestige brands, I wouldn’t need to shop at Sephora at all.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



Are these new or just new to me? Whatever, it’s new. So how I wound up getting these is sort of funny. I was running around from Walgreens to Walgreens trying to find the newly launched Wet n Wild Cushion makeup and at the one stop where I did find them, there was also a new display of these as well. I bought four of these and four of the Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks, they’re both $4.99.

When I got home, I tried the WnW ones and I didn’t hate them, but they were like every other liquid lipstick right? Then I tried these.

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My First Time Trying Illamasqua!


Illamasqua is one of those brands that have a massive cult following, and I so desperately wanted to be one of the masses. But for me, things that confuse me get chucked rather quickly, and Illamasqua confuzzled me. Since I’m a foundation hoarder, that’s the thing that I gravitate towards first. Second come blush, but that relatively easy. Shade and undertone, bright or subtle, easily worked with. Their foundations though, take some figuring, reading the descriptions convinced me that they didn’t have an undertone in their huge collection of shades to suit me. The undertones that seemed promising, all were in shades obviously too dark or too light. This is not a new phenomenon to me, as a brown girl that falls squarely in the middle of brown girl things, finding a golden or peachy undertone from anything but luxury brands is feat not to be taken lightly. A few weeks ago, because I fell in love with Wayne Goss’ swatch of the Beyond Powder in Epic, I decided to suck it up, put my big girl drawers on, get a consultation and get to shopping. Lemme tell you, the results were frikkin phenomenal.

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