Cargo Summer In The City Palette



You can blame catching up on season two of Orphan Black for the lack of a post yesterday. I got so caught up in being in love with Helena and all her crazy, that I spazzed on uploading this post, on to the business at hand.

One of the most underrated cosmetics brands out there is Cargo Cosmetics.

The Canadian brand seems to have become something of a niche brand, beloved by makeup artists and people that have been using it for eons, but not really on the radar of newer customers. That’s not all that surprising since the loudest voices are always the ones that are heard, and brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay and it’s ilk tend to be quite loud when it comes to making their presence known through adverts or social media campaigns.

Cargo seems to have gone even farther out of style since it left Sephora’s shelves some years ago. In fact, although, I’ve sworn by Cargo since 2002, I’d stopped purchasing it as well because I couldn’t find it Sephora, then it just sort of got lost in the cosmetic noise, loud voices and all that.

A few weeks ago though, All Cosmetics wholesale had a crazy sale, and they recently got an influx of Cargo, so I loaded up, and that review will be happening next week. Right after that, I got an email from Ulta announcing the two new summer palettes from the brand. Ok, call me silly, but up until that point I hadn’t realised that Ulta carried Cargo.

Anywhoo, the palette that I decided to get was the Summer In The City Palette, mostly because it’s meant to evoke New York City in the summer time, and as a New Yorker I’m just narcissistic enough to want it for only that reason. However, the palette itself is gorgeous.

The bright gold, mirrored faux croc magnetic snap case houses ten shadows that range from light pearl cream shimmer, to a rusty golden copper shimmer, all paired with a double ended brush and a full sized kohl black liner.



The twelve shades that are in the palette are unfortunately (for me) all shimmer shades. I can’t accurately call this a complete palette because is the preponderance of shimmers, and no real transition colours. However, I’ve never known Cargo shadows to be anything but stellar in terms of pigmentation, longevity or adherence, these are honestly no different.

A weird thing about Cargo colours in general is that they tend to be very soft, buildable colours that are highly pigmented. This is true across all their products, be they shadows, blushes, foundation or lip products. They’re made to be buildable, to me that’s a selling point and what makes their blushes so great.

Anywhoo, swatches below, but once again due to excessive pollen these are early morning shots so they may be slightly washed out. The second picture is a direct sunlight picture.

From top to bottom;

Summer Love – Mid-Toned Pink Shimmer

Rose – Peach Shimmer

Breeze – Ivory Shimmer

Bike Ride – Pale Gold Shimmer

Sunset – Gold Shimmer

Rooftop – Pale Pink Shimmer



From Top to Bottom;

Chill – Deep Lavender Shimmer

Pool Party – Light Lavender Shimmer

Sizzle – Bronze Shimmer

Gelato – Medium Brown Shimmer

Heat Wave – Copper Shimmer



Now, while these colours are pigmented, quietly pretty, and I personally love Heat Wave, Gelato and Sizzle, this palette reads like someone who’s actually never spent a summer in New York City. The city is always pretty hectic, but in the summer time? Triple or quadruple any sort of chaos you can imagine. It’s loud, it’s hot as hell, it’s bright and louder than any other time of the year, but most of all? It’s loudly colourful. Like very very colourful. I don’t care which part of the city you’re from, this is the city in the summer, from the LES all the way to the Hamptons.

Also, these colours are just wrong for my skin tone. They will probably look stellar on someone with much fairer colouring. When I tried a few of the lighter colours, they washed me out pretty badly. A few darker, and/or brighter colours would have rescued this palette from the doldrums in currently exists in, and saved it from being boring, as it stands, it’s pretty damn boring. Sorry Cargo, but it is.

This palette just does not at all bring summer or NYC to mind. The colours aren’t vibrant enough, not loud enough, not…New York City enough to pay homage to the city at that time of the year. I mean even if you’ve never been to the city, have you never seen a rerun of Sex and The City? I mean really?


Final Thoughts.

As much as a love Cargo, this in no way a summer palette, nor one that evokes the summer spirit of NYC. The Colours are strangely neutral to be a summer palette, and while I liked some of them, I couldn’t be bothered to keep it for just those colours. I wound up selling it to someone who was pretty damned stoked to get it, so while it may not be my cuppa, it’s certainly works for others.

Does this dull my Cargo love? Hell naaw, I have two palettes that I just got that I’m over the moon about, and have enjoyed wearing up till the point where pollen interfered with my beauty routine.

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