Burberry Beauty; Lip And Cheek Blooms



Really, I got these because of the pretty. Like for real, if you look at these on any website and don’t immediately reach for your credit card (or you know, some willing sucker’s) then you have the fortitude of job my friend. I however, do not, so buy I did.

The Burberry Lip & Cheek Blooms are multi-use products for cheeks and (duh) lips. You guys know how I feel about multi-use products , I think most of them do one job well, and not the other so more often than not I don’t even bother to try them as lip products because of this is where they fail. In this case I didn’t either.

There are six colours available in the range, and of the six colours I got five Hydrangea, which I purchased after all the others and didn’t swatch because when I received it, it was a lot cooler looking than it looked online, so I gave it to someone and I really hate giving people things that my fingers have been in. The other colours I got were Peony, Orange Blossom, Poppy and Purple Tulip.

Like everything in the Burberry line, the packaging is absolutely beautiful. These are very heavy with their glass bottom, and while the caps on the foundations were plastic masquerading as metal, these feel as if they may actually be metal as they’re quite a bit heavier.

No. 1 Rose, a cool toned pale pink. No. 3 Hydrangea, a cool toned medium pink. No. 5 Peony, a warm toned deep pink. No. 7 Orange Blossom, a neutral toned pale almost peachy orange. No. 9 Poppy, a very warm deep orange red, and No. 11 Purple Tulip a warm toned purple. I’m just going to list them by number and proceed with swatches.


No. 03 Hydrangea.




I didn’t swatch Hydrangea, once I opened the container and noticed how cool toned it was I decided that I would prefer to just give it away rather than ruin it. For as warm as it looks in the container, just trust me that it isn’t. At all.


No. 05 Peony.




Peony was a lovely surprise. Based on the online swatches at Sephora, it looked to be a cool toned pink, in other words it looked in real life, what I had expected Hydrangea to look like. What it actually is, is a warm deep pink that very quickly became my second favourite of the lot.



No. 07 Orange Blossom.




Orange Blossom was a huge disappointment, you guys know how I love an orange or purple blush. This on the Sephora website looked like a deep orange. In fact it is a cool toned, very light coral. I went ahead and tried my hardest to make this work. It was so pale though, that I couldn’t get it to show up on me. It may work as a base for something  else, I haven’t tried as yet.



No. 09 Poppy.




Poppy made up for a Orange Blossom’s disappointment by being a very vibrant orange red shade that I think will compliment most skin tones.



No. 11 Purple Tulip.




This is by far my favourite of all the colours, though I’m sure that is a surprise to no one. I was very apprehensive when I first ordered it. Often times when you order a blush or any sort of cheek colour that dubbed purple, it’s usually nothing more than a cool toned pink masquerading as such. Or they’ll just read straight pink on me because they have a red rather than blue base which is what creates a true purple. This is in fact a very true purple, light though it is.



The texture on these falls somewhere between a mousse and a gel, and I’m going to say it veers more into mousse territory as you can see on my swatch. They’re also infinitely easy to apply and blend out wonderfully. The best way I found of applying these was by dabbing a line along the tops of my cheekbones and using a huge fluffy brush for controlled buffing a blending.

Now, they initially apply quite sheer although very pigmented. I like that about them because it allows for building intensity as you see fit. They’re kind of good proof. The finish is absolutely breath taking, and looks completely natural no matter what shade it is as strange as that may sound.

The one thing that I didn’t expect though? The lasting power. I wore these for more than seven hours and they did not fade at all. I promise when I looked in the mirror the first night that I wore Peony (it was the first one that I used), I did a double take because it was still there and hadn’t faded one little bit from the time I put it on.


Final Thoughts.

Dude, three out of six is not bad at all, that’s half of the line that I like. In reality that’s more that I was expecting to be able to wear. These will cost you a pretty penny at $30 each, but that’s really a lot cheaper than other luxury brand blushes like By Terry which will set you back $72. Besides which, they’re so bloody pigmented that they will last you a very long time.

I have to say that I’m just wowed by Burberry Beauty in general, in terms of being so inclusive to all skin tones being able to wear just about anything from the line, even though the Velvet Foundation line only has one shade darker than my own, the other line have at least three. You guys know that I will not purchase anything from any company that doesn’t make a foundation that will match my skin tone, because one, on the black girl scale I’m not all that dark so it’s doable that just means you don’t care. My shade being available, is also not all that impressive since depending on the time of the year I can sometimes get away with a medium shade, 2-3 shades darker than mine, and not all of them having a red undertone is what impresses me, because it shows actual forethought. And second If you can’t be bothered to cater to my skin tone, I can’t be bothered to give you my money, sounds harsh, but them’s the breaks. So yeah, Burberry has quickly become a favourite brand of mine, and I can’t wait to explore more of the products!

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