Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil Balm.


I’ve been kind of skin care crushing lately. Not for any particular reason, since my skin has been phenomenal lately. The reason for that? I recently went freelance, that means that I’m no longer wearing makeup to work everyday. It also means sadly that I have less time dedicated to writing on the blog since now I’m writing other peoples stuff. Because I’m not wearing makeup daily though, it means that my skin has more time to recover when something goes wrong and the odd issue crops up. So I’m basically crushing on maintenance items like scrubs, masks, serums and such.

This was another point perk item from Sephora, but it’s surprisingly large for only being 100 points. It’s larger that both the Farmacy samples and the Drunk Elephant. I don’t know what it was that made me get it, I like Boscia well enough but I haven’t sampled enough of their skin care products to develop any sort f feelings one way or the other. I think I mostly got it because I’m charcoal obsessed.


I’d previously tried another balm melter that didn’t go well, perhaps that was the reason I decided to go ahead and give this a go just to see if things would be better. That being said, Boscia is a brand that I associate with being sensitive skin safe so I felt ok with my decision to give this a chance.

According to Boscia this will breakup any and all makeup including waterproof mascara, for a deep down clean whilst hydrating the skin. It’s most active ingredients are Activated bamboo charcoal for absorbing toxins and impurities, deeply cleansing and detoxifying pores without irritation. White charcoal powder which moisturises and balances the skin for deep hydration, and sunflower oil that helps to neutralise bacteria and stops pores from becoming clogged.

It’s a soft solid balm, and I’m not sure what the scent is but I like it as it’s somewhat aroma therapeutic. You massage the balm into the skin for about 60 seconds, and then activate the surfactant properties with water before finally washing off the face. Boscia advises massaging the skin for two minutes but I’m impatient. Not having read the instructions the first time I used it, I wound up just wiping it off with a dry paper towel and adding my nightly routine items over it. Luckily because it’s sensitive skin safe, I didn’t have a reaction, but it was a bit greasy.

When I next used it I followed the instructions and although it washed off readily, I did find that it left a slight film on the skin with hot or cold water. The film however doesn’t affect the way that my other products absorb, and it wasn’t uncomfortable. Although that sample in the picture above looks very small, you need so little to take off everything that this could probably last you over a month. I’ve been using mine every day for about three weeks now and this is as much as I’ve used.



That being said, at only $32 I plan on picking up the larger 3oz size once I run out of this. One of the immediate benefits that I saw of this was a significant decrease in skin congestion from another product that I love, but used too much causes some irritation as it’s too rich for my skin. Once I started using this daily, and it is gentle enough for every day use, I saw a drop, then an absence of that issue.


Final Thoughts.

Skin care samples save lives. I’m keen to explore the brand more. So far I’ve used three items, two that I loved, the white charcoal setting spray and this. One item I was just meh about, the Tsubaki oil, it didn’t do anything and made my face tingle, but I didn’t react badly to it. If you’re planning a Sephora purchase online anytime soon, I encourage you to check this out as it’s only 100 points and I feel like just about everyone has that in their points bank. It really is great for removing all of your makeup, and I do mean everything, it’s sensitive skin safe and affordably priced.

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