BH Cosmetics Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks.


So when I did the Coastal Scents lipstick review, I compared them to the BH ones without ever realising that I’d never even bothered to do a review for them. When I first got them, I’d taken product shots but I held off doing a review since some of the shades that I wanted were constantly out of stock. So I was waiting for them to be restocked so I could just do all of them at once. Then I got distracted by other stuff as usual. I decided not to wait for the rest of my order to come in (it’s just one other lippie anyway), so I broke out the shots I’d already taken, took some new ones and bam, post.

These are all matte lipsticks, which probably explains my preference over the Coastal Scents ones, well that and the colour selection. Although, they’re matte in a way that I’ve never really experienced in the stick form because they glide on like a satin, so there’s no tugging, nor is it hard and dry like you can get with some mattes. But in about 10 seconds though, you can feel them getting tacky and then they completely dry down to a matte finish.

I got six shades, the warm looking ones cause hey, but there are three others that I think may be warm as well, I may get those at a later date, not sure as yet. I got Adore Me, Blissful, Devotion, Rapture, True Heart and Dark Rose. Swatches below on NC43/44 skin-tone, with deep yellow/golden undertones. Oh, and I want to apologise in advance for the caterpillars living on my forehead, I got a little carried away with the Dipbrow Pomade.




Adore Me.


Adore Me is a warm toned magenta. A straight up red magenta, with some slight hints of purple. No blue anywhere. I was initially worried about this colour when I first saw it, and when I first applied it because it looks very cool. The longer I wore it though, it warmed up considerably.





Definitely my favourite of the bunch, Rapture is a brown with purple undertones. It’s a perfect colour for any season I think, because it’s deep but no so deep that it reads vamp. Still, I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the Fall and Winter.



True Heart.


True Heart is a slightly cool (maybe it’s just neutral) orange coral and my least favourite. Not because of the colour, the colour rocks, but it applies patchy as all hell. Because of the way these dry down, it makes it very hard to fix, meaning I’ve yet to a get an even application, and it emphasises all the flakiness of my lips in HD.




Unfortunately, Blissful came with part of it smushed into the cap, and then it just fell the heck out of the tube, so I wasn’t able to photograph it. It’s a gorgeous shade though, something of a little sister to Rapture, just more very obvious purple than Rapture.





Devotion is my perfect brown girl nude. It’s a mid-toned, warm brown, with slightly pink undertones that on me read almost mauve. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it actually is, and it reminds me a lot of the of Prayer from the Original Kat Von D. lipstick line.

Last Edit


Dark Rose.


Dark Rose. Damn. What can I say about this shade other than, I’ve finally found my perfect red. That elusive shade that I’ve been searching for, for the better part of two years. Most reds are created with cooler skin tones in mind it seems, so almost every red I’ve come across has been a cool one, and while I can wear them, when my skin dulls or brightens it goes wonky. Then when I did find a warm red, it was always an orange red, which thanks to the golden undertones of my skin, just usually reads straight orange. So, if you’re a warm toned chick struggling to find a suitable red, you need to check this one out. Dark Rose is a true strawberry red. No pink undertones, no purple undertones, no orange undertones. Pure, lovely, warm, strawberry red.



BH Cosmetics claims that these are great for all day wear, and that the Shea Butter in them keeps your lips moisturised regardless of the matte texture. Well, I can attest to the fact that they indeed are not drying in the least. They feel really comfortable on the lips, with only Rapture being slightly uncomfortable after a few hours, but overall they’re very emollient for being completely matte. Transfer is a bitch, seriously, but strangely enough didn’t really affect the colour, or depth too much until after I decimated my face while eating. The picture below is four hours after applying Dark Rose.


It looks pretty faded right? Ok, well take into consideration that I’m a smoker (yup, that’s my dirty little secret). And this is four hours later. After three coffees, a Trenta Passion Tea Lemonade and noodles. Udon noodles. With chopsticks and a buttload of blotting broth from my lips in the span of maybe half an hour, so yeah. The only thing I don’t like? The fade pattern, it fades from the centre outwards instead of uniformly, but I think Nars has me spoiled in that regard.


Final Thoughts.

These are definitely worth a look, especially if you like matte lippies. They’re also better quality, I think, than the Coastal Scents one. They last longer and the colours (at least the warm ones that I own) are gorgeous, not to mention they don’t dry your lips out like a lot of mattes can. I didn’t even need to wear a lip balm underneath, that’s almost unheard of with mattes. Another home run from BH Cosmetics.

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