Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream.


I’ve yet to meet a Becca product that I absolutely hate. For me to truly hate something, it has to be spectacularly bad, like off the charts bad. Even then things that I initially hate, I come back to and try again, cause you can’t ever really be sure, ya know? Like you may be having a bad skin day, or year, I dunno. sometimes, the products still suck, but other times you just have to learn to work with it like Kevyn Aucoin SSE.

This came pretty close to a dislike, and more because of the price than anything else. The Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream clocks in at a hefty $32 for .16oz. Now Becca products are generally pretty expensive, but in this case I felt the performance didn’t live up to the price tag. For that much, it should perform like a superstar and fit me like second skin. It’s doesn’t precisely do that.

The description from;

What it is:
A richly pigmented, weightless concealing cream that completely covers dark circles, imperfections, redness, and hyperpigmentation.
What it does:
This long-wearing, full-coverage concealer is formulated to cover dark circles, imperfections, redness, and hyperpigmentation completely. This cream delivers a uniquely lightweight formula with a high concentration of pigments and emollients for undetectable, crease-proof coverage without a sticky or cakey feel.

the texture is in fact quite thick, I didn’t however have any trouble working with it, because after I did the swatch for the post, I realised that I wouldn’t be using my fingers as I usually do. A concealer or any other flat brush works jus fine for applying, and then after that I just use a stiff fluffy brush to press it into the skin.

My biggest issue with this though, was the lack of colour choice. Becca is usually one of the few brands that offer a dizzying array of colour choices so it was a little bit disappointing how limited this range was in both colour and undertone. The colour I wound up getting was Toffee which is described as a medium to light tan beige. I couldn’t go any lighter for obvious reasons, and all the darker colours were inexplicably too dark and red or neutral undertoned, very disappointing. Swatches below, for reference, I range from an NC42-NC45 throughout the year, and I have very deep yellow, almost golden undertones to my skin, so I absolutely need yellow or peach based skin products.



The odd colour choice notwithstanding, it turned out to be an almost perfect match. Almost, not quite. There is a little bit of flash back, and I’m a little afraid to build it because it’s already like summer in Georgia, and I’ve gotten something of a tan in the last week since I’ve been out and about in the sun. It may be a much better fit in the winter I think, only time will tell.

It turned out to be a bit of a no go for spot correcting, as it doesn’t  offer as much coverage as it could for a concealer. But I was able to put it to good use as an under eye concealer much to my surprise. I was surprised because of all the complaints about it on the Sephora site, this was the biggest, people felt it was too thick to use that way. As I said I had no problems with it, and I actually quite like the creamy texture, use a brush people, applying this with finger is just not going to work. I used a brush and then my fingers to gently press it into the skin under my eyes. A little bit of ELF yellow correcting powder over top and I was good to go.



I think part of the issue with the under eye performance for some, is that it’s meant to be paired with the Under Eye Brightening Corrector, so I’m going to get that next and see how well they work in conjunction. Another complaint that people had was that it creases terribly under the eyes, once again, I didn’t have this problem. It stayed put, didn’t crease or fade, I think in this sense it’s a case of operator error.


Final Thoughts.

I love Becca, however this isn’t awesome, it isn’t even great. I do prefer my cheapie LA Girl Pro HD Concealer or NYX concealer pot for spot correcting as it does a better job, and looks more natural to me. The strong not quite yellow base can be scary if I use too much and it doesn’t budge, so that would be a problem. You don’t really need this in your life, it’s in no way an HG product. You could totally miss this and your wallet will thank you for sparing it $32.

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