Becca Mineral Blushes!


I’ve become a true enthusiast of Becca cosmetics. They’re so flawless and subtle, it’s hard not to love pretty much everything that the brand debuts. The only thing that generally stops me is that it’s also pricey.

The mineral blushes aren’t new, but up to this point I hadn’t found a shade that I really loved. I’d tried Songbird, but since it was so peachy at the base, it mostly disappeared on me.

Then a few weeks ago, the mineral blushes were re-launched with three new shades added to the line up. Now, in addition to Songbird, Flowerchild, Gypsy and Wildhoney. Lantana, Nightingale and Hyacinth have been added.


The packaging is your typical Becca dark brown rubberised compact, with metal middle.

Now, there is one big difference in these blushes that’s important to note. They’re about half the size f the original mineral blushes. So, they’re slightly larger than the old cream blushes, and now you only get 0.2oz of product for $32 where before I think you got almost 0.50z.




I got the three new colours (obviously), and as expected, they’re gorgeous, long lasting and a lot more pigmented than I was expecting them to be honestly.


Nightingale is described as a deep mulberry, which translates to a deep neutral rose mauve, and the only one not quite as pigmented as the others in my opinion. It also shows up more pink on me than I’d like.



Lantana is described as a poppy crimson, which I agree with. It shows up as a pinky red with vague orange undertones.



Hyacinth is one of my favourite colours in the cream blush, and this looks a lot like it’s cream counterpart. It’s a bright hot pink.



Unfortunately (for me anyway), they all lean neutral and I think you can see the evidence of that on the swatches above. My arm at the moment is about an NC47, my face however is significantly lighter than my arms (hella sunblock!), so when I  wear them, they don’t look quite so washed out.

Like I said, wear time is phenomenal, lasting about eight hours without fading or patchiness. It’s also very easy to build up the colour without looking cakey or unnatural, which I don’t think is necessary since your brush will pick up a lot of product. Fortunately, it’s also easy to blend out leaving you with either a very bold look, or as subtle as you’d like since this is, after all, Becca we’re talking about.


Final Thoughts.

These are all really good additions to the range. What I don’t care for is that I’m getting less than half ounce of product for roughly the same price as the older, larger size. I also really don’t care for the neutral lean in the colours, but with Becca, most of their products tend to lean neutral so this wasn’t unexpected. Regardless of my first world bitching, these blushes are an excellent product, there’s no doubt about that at all. If you want a blush that’s easy to apply, lasts a long time and is versatile in it’s application, look no farther than here.

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