BareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation.



So I’ve become something of a fan of BareMinerals in the last year or so, I don’t precisely remember what led me to this brand that was not only completely off my radar but on my “oh hell no, never ever buy list”. My issue with BareMinerals was that I’d used it when they first debuted and only had powder products, in which Bismuth Oxychloride was one of the main ingredients and to which I am highly allergic. Plus they looked like a really dated brand, for people my mum’s age so…

In the last few years tho, they’ve done some rebranding and I’ve become something of a stan to be honest. I usually get my BareMinerals products from QVC because they always have awesome bundled deals, but this I kind of picked up on a whim in a rare trip into a store, maybe they’re not so rare anymore though, I still wind up spending more online but I have been going in store for a minute. I got this foundation about two weeks before the Fenty foundation dropped in September. It comes in a glass bottle, with a black plastic cap, a pump and retails for $35.



One of the things that made me a BareMinerals stan is the fact that they tend to be incredibly, incredibly inclusive. By that I mean they don’t just pay lip service to inclusivity by having twenty-five shades of pale and four dark shades with two undertones. In most of their range a brown girl can find her winter and summer shades. With thirty shades this was no different and there were quite a few shades for me to choose from. I eventually picked up Hazelnut (25) which was a perfect coming off of summer match, but initially I though that I could probably get away with Chai (26) as well, in the winter I would likely have to go up to Cardamom (23).



Chai turned out to be a bit too dark and it leans a bit neutral as well, I also found that unlike Hazelnut it oxidises a bit making it that much darker. The finish is a satin matte with a bit of a glow and it’s so light that you can’t feel it on the skin. It’s a buildable medium to full coverage and it never gets cakey no matter how much you apply. I’m not sure if this is just a change in my skin or what, but lately I’ve been encountering a lot of foundations that don’t need to powdered, this is one of them and I’m so here for that.

It lasts a good eight hours on me before it starts to break down and I purchased this on September 6th which is basically still summer in Georgia because the the temperatures are still in the eighties. I found that it’s really flexible though as I’ll show in the pictures below. The first picture is a day after I got it when my summer colour is still in full effect and the second is towards the end of October when I’d lost a decent bit of colour.


In the first picture I did have to bronze a bit to get the colour toned down a bit, however it wasn’t so anything really drastic and really I probably would have been mostly fine, I’m just super paranoid.


Final Thoughts.

This is a really good foundation and I would even go so far as to say that as much as I love my Fenty foundation, this is on par with it or even better in some ways. It’s just a shame that it dropped so close to Fenty that it was overshadowed despite it being just as good. I’m guilty of this as well because I did return this foundation, not for any reason other than I really wanted to try the Fenty and didn’t feel the need to have two brand new foundations, that after I used both, did basically the same thing.

I do however feel that in terms of coverage, this is a lot more flexible, the Fenty is strictly a very light-moderate coverage foundation for those days that you just wanna do a no makeup makeup day. While you can accomplish that with this foundation, it’s gonna take work because it is medium coverage out the gate.

If you’ve been looking at this foundation and trying to decide between this and Fenty, the only choice is really coverage level because they’re the same price and even though Fenty does have forty shades to BareMinerals’ thirty some people still haven’t been able to find their shades if they fall in between shades or have hard to match undertones. They’re both good foundations, and I did wind up picking up another bottle because why not?

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