Anti-Holiday 2016: Even Though I Said I’d Never Do It…



They made a blush palette (or three) so I had to.

Viseart is a French brand whose palettes are expensive as all hell, $80 for 12 shades of eye shadow is a little bit steep. Sure they’re supposed to be the most pigmented shadows you have ever or will ever use. They’re a Parisian art house brand, and beloved by MUA’s the world over. But it it worth $80 a pop?

I purchased two palettes from Beautylish, who probably love the hell out of me right now cause in the last couple months I’ve been on a rampage there. I can’t remember when I heard that the brand dropped three 6 colour blush palettes, but I do remember saying to myself that if they ever did a blush palette, that was when I’d likely take the plunge.

In the last few months, they debuted three blush palettes in Plum Bronze, Rose Coral and Orange Violet (I won’t get into the shades because I think the names are self-explanatory. They also debuted a highlighting palette and the new Bijoux Royal Shimmer eye shadow palette.

I contemplated getting two of the bush palettes because hoarder, then contemplated the highlight and contour palette. Finally I decided to pass on the contour palette because three of the six shades are matte contours and not only do I not, contour but I wouldn’t do it with powder anyway. Finally I said since I was determined to drop $160 anyway, why not take a swipe at the shadows and see if they’re all they’re hyped to be, so I got the Bijoux palette.

I gotta be honest, for $80 I was expecting a rather large palette. Plus I was kinda ticked off that while heavy, sturdy black plastic with a clear lid, the containers are in fact plastic. For $80, can I get a mirror? Apparently I can’t. Both Palettes are the same size.





The Bijoux palette is a shimmer palette of  gorgeous jewel tones, with some silvers, grey and golds mingled in. There is the most gorgeous pinky purple that is bright yet understated, and a blue that defines description in person. They’re soft and buttery, apply with no hitching whatsoever and very little is needed for high pigmentation. But, even with being that pigmented, they blend out wonderfully.






So about that pigmentation, are they pigmented? Yes very, however I’ve used shadows from other brands that are equally as pigmented. Can they be worn without primer and are they long lasting? Without a doubt, but once again, I’ve used shadows from other brands that equal that. Almost every ABH palette that I’ve ever owned equals it. At the same time I have to say that these shimmers are shimmers that I can get behind. One of my biggest issues with most shimmer shades is fallout, these have absolutely no fallout what so ever, not even a little bit. And the shimmers are very low key, you could create an entire look with all the shimmers in this palette and not look like a shiny fool, they’re subtle as hell. Of course some are high shine, but for the most part, they shimmer delicately. Swathes below, and the shades have no names…kinda like a drugstore palette.



The blush palette that I picked up was the Orange Violet of course, that mix of bold oranges and berry hues called to me. I almost got the Coral number, but I didn’t want that many pinks. The packaging is the same as the shadow palette, and like the shadow palette I felt gipped package-wise, but we didn’t get it for that did we? No, we got it because it was supposed to be hella pigmented and like nothing I’ve ever used before.




While the colours are beautiful and that light violet shade is one that I’ve never seen anyone able to do without it just being a cool pink, I feel like my Coastal Scents blushes are equally as pigmented. Yes, these are scary pigmented, particularly that orange red in the lower right corner, but you know what? So are my Beauty Treats ones and they’re only $10. That’s not to say that I don’t love them, I do. I find that they apply and blend more like a cream than a powder blush in that they don’t sink into and/or exacerbate my acne scars. My biggest gripe with this though, is the pans. The pans are too narrow to get anything but a skinny blush brush into without picking up more than one colour, something like an angled brush. That’s fine for lesser pigments where you need a more targeted approach, but for these monsters, a big fluffy brush is what you really want to use so that you diffuse and blend quickly. Swatches below.



Final Thoughts.

I don’t hate these Viseart products, nor do I regret purchasing them, I just don’t believe that they’re really worth the hype they get when much much cheaper products are around that do the same job as well as these do. And while the shadows lasted all day and well into the night, the blushes weren’t nearly as long lasting. Would I repurchase, I dunno, maybe if I’m feeling especially splurgy, but that’s a pretty big if, curiosity satisfied.

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