C’est Je!

Evolutionary Anthropology student nursing an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty related, my wallet is less than enthused, my credit cards curse my name daily. A Sci-Fi geek who can quote whole Star Trek episodes, has answered to the name Grue Fairy on numerous occasions, uses the occasional frak. A Jamaican girl who was a Brooklyn girl and is now a girl living in Georgia, discovering that culture shock doesn’t only happen in a new country. I spent way too much time in Starbucks, so they decided to make me work for the free coffee they were giving me. I enjoy making my local Ulta and Sephora a little bit richer every payday, while making myself much poorer, but oh so happy at the end of the process. Simply complicated, brilliantly naive, terrified of bunnies and all other such fluffy critters. Sarcasm is my first and only language, dramatic as all hell, unashamed SJW.