It’s Summer In Too Faced Land Again! (2015)



Oui mes amies, it’s that time of year again. The time when, although the temperatures haven’t skyrocketed as yet, Too Faced is already heating up the scene with their pretty pops of colour. I don’t know one girly girl at heart who doesn’t wait to see just what Mr Blandino has in stock for us each season.

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Cargo Summer In The City Palette



You can blame catching up on season two of Orphan Black for the lack of a post yesterday. I got so caught up in being in love with Helena and all her crazy, that I spazzed on uploading this post, on to the business at hand.

One of the most underrated cosmetics brands out there is Cargo Cosmetics.

The Canadian brand seems to have become something of a niche brand, beloved by makeup artists and people that have been using it for eons, but not really on the radar of newer customers. That’s not all that surprising since the loudest voices are always the ones that are heard, and brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay and it’s ilk tend to be quite loud when it comes to making their presence known through adverts or social media campaigns.

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