Holiday 2017: The $15 Brush Set That’s Saving My Edges.



I am not into drugstore makeup or accessories, I’ve tried and with very few exceptions such as European drugstore items and the rare American stuff, I’m just not here for most of it. But Walgreens in like my one stop shop, I go there almost daily cause I can find everything I need from soy milk (cheaper than the grocery store at that) to bath and home items.

So when I went in the other day to get something and no one was at the counter, I started twirling to the music in my head as I’m wont to do when I forget that I’m out in the world and should hide my weirdness, and immediately stopped when on my last twirl my eyes landed on this brush set, and then the big ass 50% off sign right above it.

Now, of most drugstore stuff I tend to like Wet n Wild a lot, I’ve bought over the last year almost all the collections that they’ve debuted. I haven’t blogged most of it unfortunately, but Wet n Wild has some part in my weekly makeup games. Five minutes after spotting it I had walked out with it because pretty and cheap. I was a little concerned about the performance because well, it’s a drugstore makeup brush set, but I rationalised that for $15, I could live with the disappointment.

The Deets.

The set comes in a huge box and is ten brushes with brushed metal ferrules and handles (fake of course) and white bristles. About thirty minutes after I got home and thought about it, I realised that these brushes with their white bristles were gonna cause some anxiety for me cause I hate washing my brushes but I hate seeing them dirty and white y’all. I figured I was never gonna use them.





Now while I didn’t quite get over my anxiety (every time I look at the now dirty brushes I start to shake a little), I did go ahead and use them that very day. It’s a pretty generous set, you get just about everything you need for a full face application. Some do their jobs spectacularly and others are just so-so. The complexion brushes in particular are stellar, the eye brushes not so much but those bad boys have already been repurposed so I’m good.

  • For the most part the brushes are pretty comfortable to use.
  • However they could use a bit more weight to them as they’re very light which can make your hands tired when buffing in cause you feel as if you need to do more.
  • One of the best surprises was the thumb dip that all the brushes have in them, before these brushes I’d never really realised that I placed my thumb in a certain spot on the brush and was surprised to find it there each time.
  • The thumb hold helps with comfort in the absence of weight. Pictures below




They’re dense yet impossibly soft brushes, by that I mean you really can barely feel them on your face as you’re using them, it’s like a whisper of air.

Foundation Brush.


This foundation brush is an interesting shape, it’s angled but also wavy and has a depression in the middle should you want to just drop foundation directly on the brush. So when I say these brushes are saving my edges. If you have a low hairline or a curly one or very dark/black hair and you’re of a significantly brown shade, you know how it is to wind up with foundation of powder in your hair. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the shape of the brush or the fact that it’s so soft that it bends at the edges, but I get a perfect airbrushed finish with all areas covered and no product in my hair, no streakiness or patchiness, just perfection.

Large Powder Brush.


This brush isn’t as large as I’d like it to be, it slightly bigger than a regular powder brush, but like the foundation brush I can use it all willy nilly careless and still don’t get any product in my hairline cause my edges are for lack of a better term unruly, but guess what? That’s they way they grow out of my head and I don’t use anything to tame them.

Flat Contour Brush.


The contour brush is kinda dope because not only is it perfect combination of dense and soft so it’s also soft enough to blend it out. And it does apply contour very well.

Precision Setting Brush.


Jury is still out on this brush, I’m not quite sure that I like it. I used it once to set my under eye concealer and kept sticking myself in the eye with it, but my eyes are pretty small so that could just operator error.



I own a lot of blush, and a lot of blush brushes. while I usually prefer a large brush like this one that can blend and diffuse colour, I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

  • It does blend well and diffuse the colour, but I feel like it doesn’t pick up enough product to begin with and I have to keep going back in, taking a much longer to achieve a look.
  • It works reasonably well, but cream products are a struggle.
  • I haven’t tried it yet with liquid blush and I probably won’t can’t cause I’m already having tiny panic attacks with all the colour on it as is and liquids would likely just ruin me.

All The Other Brushes.

I didn’t take individual pictures of the smaller brushes, I just didn’t have the time but they’re not great for what they were created for but work well in other areas. The highlight (pun intended) for me of this whole set though has to be the highlighting brush. Listen, most highlighting brushes aren’t created with the high cheek-boned in mind, if you have high cheekbones and apply too much highlighter your face ends up looking a bit distorted. This works so much better for me than my expensive Chikuhodo brush.


  • It’s just soft enough to deposit the right amount of product for me, and blends it in wonderfully.
  • It’s also the only brush that I’ve been able to use to apply highlight on the cheekbones and around the perimeter of the eye socket by the brow.
  • Because my eyes are small and cheeks high, the area there is small and other brushes are too large usually to get in that space, this on does it no problem.
  • That being said, if you prefer a blinding highlight on first go, this probably gonna be a bad brush for you, it’s definitely for those that prefer a much more subtle highlight.
  • You can use it to build up, but because of the density and softness of the bristles, it’ll take you a while.



  • The domed eye brush does it’s job pretty well to apply and blend crease colour.
  • The flat face brush I’ve only used to apply under eye concealer and blend it out and it works great for that, I haven’t used it as an eye brush because those sorts of brushes don’t work well for my eye shape as they’re too large.
  • The tapered blending brush is too fluffy and doesn’t blend well, it also doesn’t work particularly well to pick up shadow so…
  • Similarly the fluffy blending brush doesn’t blend very well, it’s just too soft.

Final Thoughts.

Listen, although all the brushes aren’t stellar they pretty damn good. Besides which I rarely buy brush sets for the eye brushes, I’m usually mostly or only interested in complexion brushes and this was no different. It’s also only $15 right now (regularly $30) in Walgreens and you legit can’t go wrong with that. I’m just super stoked to have found both the highlighter and foundation brushes that are elevating my makeup game right now. I’m probably gonna buy another set as a backup to be honest.

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