It’s Poised To Be A Too Faced Year

Too Faced has been wowing me since June of last year ya’ll. If I were to add up all that I’ve purchased since December and divide them by brand, more that half my acquisitions will probably be Too Faced and I’m not really mad about that.

From the Chocolate Bar Palette in the Fall/Spring line, to the A La Mode Palette of the Summer line, I think I’ll be having a Too Faced year. For the spring line Too Faced added new colours to some of their old favourites, that take you right into summer without missing a beat.

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It’s Official, The Colour of the Year is Right Up My Alley


Are you feeling the colour trends so far this year/season? I’ve said it before, I’m not usually on trend, somewhat because I don’t care enough, and mostly because I like what I like and I generally don’t pay too much attention what else is going on around me. That being said, I’ve managed to be on trend since the fall because a lot of the makeup colour trends happened to be colours that are staples in my hugenormous arsenal. Burgundy’s, wines, deep plums and mauves. The summer is set to be all about orange, and now Sephora and Pantone Universe have declared the colour of the year to be radiant orchid. Whoo Hoo!

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Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony



This post might be of special interest to my Asian readers.

If you have black hair, and thus black brows and lashes, you know how extremely hard it is to find specifically designated brow pencils, powders or creams that are truly black. In the US in any case, in Asia, they’re pretty common (duh, right?), but they’re also pretty readily available in the UK and parts of Europe.

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All Cosmetics Wholesale Mega Haul! And Coupon Codes ;)


You guys know that I do not pay full price for anything unless I absolutely have to. And with beauty products when do you ever truly have to right?

I’ve been using ACW for years to buy my favourite brands when items have either been discontinued or I deemed them too expensive to pay full price for them. They’ve changed a bit in the last few years to the point where a lot of the things that they used to discount, they’ve started selling at full price which kind of defeats the point of using them. I’m signed up for emails though and I recently go an email for a couple sales that I couldn’t not take advantage of. I bought so much stuff that I’m going to have to split them up into different posts, but to start you off I’ll give you the two coupon codes that I used so that you can pop on over yourself if you feel like it right now. The first is Sale30 and that’s good for an additional 30% off all items on the sale page. The other is Cyber20 and that’s good for any purchase not on the sale page. Their shipping is kinda balls though, it’s between $5 and $7 for anything under $100. So…

The way that I did it was to place three different orders within a couple days of each other. I hate having huge boxes come to the house cause my mum and sister look at me like I’m mad.

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Too Faced A La Mode Palette. !!With Swatches!!

Yay! I got my hands on this little beauty and have been using it for a little over a week I think. It’s a stunning vibrant palette of summery colours and shimmery highlights.

It comes the metal magnetised case that most Too Faced palettes come in, and it’s so tiny that I can hold it in the palm of my hand basically. It slips into a makeup case really easily, and leaves tonnes of space. I was actually quite taken aback my the size at first because well, it costs $36. But the colours are so vibrant that it stopped bothering me almost instantly.


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Tax Refund Wishes…And Contest!

Disclaimer; This post is sponsered by

I dunno bout you guys, but tax season is something of a nightmare for a lot of people. People tend to stress out over the smallest details, and in a way they have every right to do so. I mean, the more assets you own, the more complicated the tax preparation process becomes. Sometimes it’s good to be broke.

Then you have to be sure that everything that should be included is included or you get hit with the worst penalties. That they often don’t inform you of right away. A few years ago I forgot to claim unemployment income, and got hit with an $1800 penalty. On the flip side of the stress, is the part where tax season is pretty lucrative for the people that actually do the preparation, you have no idea how many people I see setting up temporary offices in my Starbucks.

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Glossybox Feb 2014. The Month of Love.


This post is hella late, I know and this is why;

There are few instances where I absolutely hate my entire Glossybox. I’m either stupidly ecstatic, or just meh about it. This month of love, I did not love my Glossybox. I did not love the people who curated my Glossybox box. I positively hated the box when I went onto the site to give my reviews, and saw all the other items which would have been so better suited to being in my box. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not box envy, it’s more like “What the hell? Did you people even look at my profile?”  Yeah, one of those. Of the five items that I received in my box, there were only two that I could even try. Lucky, this was the last month of my prepaid subscription, and as I told Alex when I called to cancel my auto-renew, I’ll have to wait for teasers before I decide to commit to another month right now.

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Have You Tried Armour Lip Glosses Yet? Why Not?



I’d never heard of Armour Lip Glosses till Beautylish. At this time, I’d like to stop and send up a thank you to the beauty gods for introducing me to Beautylish. Thank you. Back on task.

Armour is the brainchild of model, makeup artist and rocker extraordinaire Theo Kogan, who let’s face it, is stunning and I heart her just for the fact that she has two banging full sleeves and a full calf tat. Anyone who knows me know that I find tattoos sexy as all hell, especially on dudes, but any chick that can rock two full sleeves and look awesome and doing it, is my personal shero (Kat Von D. is the exception to this rule), I mean look at her…

Theo Kogan

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A Too Faced Summer!!

Is anyone else lemming the new Too Faced Summer Collection? I got the email a few weeks ago and I’ve been lusting after almost everything in the collection. But, I decided to wait to get anything since I need a new laptop, and I’ve been on a low-buy for over a month now that’s been going surprisingly well. If I do get anything from the collection, going through Beautylish and Affirm is probably gonna be my first choice, since I can break up the orders and pay over 45 days (Yes! They changed it!). However, Ulta is having it’s crazy 21 Days of Savings promo going and I’m torn about buying from there so I can get the points. Anyway, without further ramblings, here are the highlights so far, these are already available on the Too Faced site and Ulta. Not Beautylish as yet.

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Benefit’s The Big Easy. Bigger Than BB!



Benefit has BB Cream! Yay right?

Benefit isn’t one of the brands that I love, I like items sporadically, but it’s not one of my go to, must have brands like Sleek, Too Faced, Stilla or really, any other cosmetic brand, they’re just not on my radar. One of the reasons? Benefit doesn’t ever really have that many shades for dark skin, it’s like darker skin within a certain range above a NC/NW40. You all know that I judge a cosmetics line by whether or not they have foundations for dark skin, if they don’t, I kinda don’t pay too much attention to them. Cause in this day and age, that’s not only nuts, it sends a message, plus I’m always searching for my next great foundation. Like I want something that does everything, hell, I would love a foundation that applies itself to my face. I do like some of their highlighters, but that’s about it, I don’t really care for their blushes cause once again they tend to go towards the lighter side and don’t show up on me very well. The only one I’ve been able to wear successfully is Coralista, and until I discovered Eyeko, They’re Real was my HG mascara. So yeah, Benefit is not for me.
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More NYX!

So the other day, because I had nothing better to do, and because I was enticed with 3x the points, I wandered into Ulta. For serious? Sephora’s pretty much lost me to Ulta with their new rewards programme, I earn money towards whatever I want, not points, with each purchase? And as a platinum member I can earn 3x’s the points at various times during the year, racking up money faster towards something I actually want, not what you pick for me? Yeah, so there. I mean for some stuff, I’m obviously gonna need to go to Sephora, but for whatever I don’t have to get there, I won’t.

Anywhoo, the last time I was there, they’d finally gotten most of the new NYX spring collection, and had a display with the tinted moisturiser. Because my Ulta is so janky, everything needs to be searched for cause it’s never where it’s supposed to be. I didn’t have the time, I was running out to my niece’s talent show, so I waited and went back the next day.

I had really wanted to try the tinted moisturiser because online it looked as if NYX would finally have a foundation shade that I could wear. I also picked up a bunch of other stuff from the spring line. The Baked Blush Highlighter because I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t care for the colour that I had gotten, the original butter lipstick that I had wanted in the colour Juju, one of the matte lip crèmes in Copenhagen (some new colours for the spring collection) and of course, the TM.

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Anna Sui Loose Powder 200. A Colour Correcting Powder For Yellow Chicks Of All Hues!



Haha! Yellow chicks! See what I did there?
Ahem…moving on…

I’ve always known Anna Sui for fashion. In fact, in the mid to late nineties when I was on the lowest rung of the editorial ladder at a magazine, I remember having to drop off and pick up some garments in preparation for fashion week at the tents (my first fashion week was awesometastic!), and at one of my stops the models were getting fitted for the Anna Sui show, and oh my god I fell instantly in love with the designs. After that, whenever we would get samples in the office, everyone knew to leave the Anna Sui stuff alone till after I’d gone through it or there would be a brawl in the office.

But I’ve never known the brand for makeup, so obviously I’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, or more likely, not in Asia, since I understand that the brand (makeup) is a pretty big deal there.  Anywhoo, I’d been seeing it on Beautylish (yes, I’m addicted, please stop judging me) and since I’m always on the hunt to make my yellow, erm…less bright, I was enchanted when I saw this lavender power. Most yellow toned ladies know that lavender/lilac/purple is great for muting the yellow in your skin tone, so I went ahead and got it. I was a little afraid at first because Asian brands are pretty well know for products that have a whitening effect, but after reading the description, I decided to go ahead and get it anyway. The worst that could happen is that I’d look like a clown and have to return it.

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Have You Met Your Perfect Orange Lip Yet?

According to Allure (or some such) magazine, orange lips are set to be all the rage this season…

What you hear on the other side of your screen is the sound of crickets, cause I’m pretty sure orange lips have been something of the rage for quite some time now, otherwise how do you explain the eleventy million shades of it that I own? I’m a trendsetter you say? Probably not. It just looks good on me, I even own a bunch of orange blushes as well.

And this is why, for the most part, I dislike fashion and beauty trends, and I’m never “on trend”. Because most of the time it’s either stuff that regular ole people have been doing forever, but some sheltered beauty editor at one of the top tier magazines became exposed to it, and decided it was new and hot. I dislike fashion trends even more, because half of it in the last fifteen years has just been pilfered, modified versions of urban and skater wear.

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NYX Spring Collection. Part Three.

These are the final items from my NYX spring collection haul. They’re all face items, and coincidentally enough, the only ones I’d gotten that I totally dislike and returned.

One of the things that I was stoked to try was the new Angel  Veil Primer. It’s about $3 more than the regular primer, and I’m sitting here, scratching my head and really wondering why. First off? This stuff needs to come with a bloody disclaimer, just so brown skinned ladies who want to purchase it KNOW THAT IT’S OPAQUE WHITE!

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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette



Ever thought you’ve made a huge mistake? Then it turned out that you were just really awesome? This is one such story.

So ok, I’d been eyeing this palette since before it came out. I’d gotten an early notification that it would be dropping in Sephora around December 18th, but I had just gotten the Naked3 palette, the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette and the two NYX Dream Catcher Palettes. Did I really need another? Well apparently some super enabler on MUT thought I did, because she posted a code to get $20 off any new purchase on HSN, with free shipping on all Too Faced products. I can’t really blame her though, since I am the one that started the thread on the palette, ergo, my own dang fault.

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